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Press Cycle 26: The Triple Paxing
How did your leader do in his/er Paxman interview? How do you think the other leaders did?

Deadline is 23:59 on the 7th of November
Trust must always be a quality in any leader, and these interviews showed that Calvin Ward was the only interviewee who was willing to be honest to the British people about the choices and sacrifices set before this country coming into the millennium. This stood in direct contrast with the others: Harold Saxon constantly dodged his government's role in defence cuts and another Falklands conflict. Ariadne Suchet dodged questions about taxing the middle class and her failure to fully staff our prisons - even with essential staff we'd need for a good rehabilitation programme. But with Calvin Ward we saw a candidate from Prime Minister who put honesty to the British people first.
Labour - Liverpool Riverside.
Shadow Chancellor
If these interviews proved one thing, it is that Labour are the Party with a strong and sensible vision for the future. We provide what’s needed while also making sure our economy is secure. Calvin Ward was strong, calm and acted like a Prime Minister should do, unlike the sitting Prime Minister in some situations. Speaking of the sitting Prime Minister, he was good at times but seemed lost and out of his depth in the Coburg questioning and almost denied it was serious despite it very clearly being rash by that former cabinet minister. While on the topic of out of their depth leaders, let’s talk about Noemie Suchet. In my opinion the worst performing of all three and I’m sure most will agree. Noemie’s arrogance with the budget astonished me, thinking she knows better than everyone. The LibDem policy is clear and simple (which is usually a good thing, but not in this case) and it is spend, spend, spend. They have no sound economic plan and it would be catastrophic for Suchet to become Prime Minister. The choice if the voters has never been clearer, strong leadership and a well thought through plan with Calvin Ward or the reckless decisions of Noemie Suchet and the ever so slightly more respectable (which doesn’t say much) Prime Minister. Labour is the party that this country needs and the public opinion seems to agree with a lead of 14 points in the polls. Labour are a government in waiting, ready to bring about a stronger society for everyone.
Nathon Cowley
Labour MP for Liverpool West Derby (1992-)
Labour Chief Whip (1995-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment (1995-)
In the recent interviews of all three party leaders, several things became evident. First, the Prime Minister not one who takes responsibility for past actions. He tries to distract the people with the shiny bauble of his latest vote buying budget, while simultaneously failing to own the austerity and cutbacks that marked Conservative Governments for 15 out of 16 years. His recent disgraceful comments in the House of Commons that the Opposition does not care about our country and people's safety is nothing more than a deflection after years of Tory cutbacks in our military readiness. And the Prime Minister's imitation of Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes ("I know nothing! Nothing!") in regard to the reckless former defense minister, Coburg, was simply embarrassing. As for the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, she did not satisfactorily explain how a budget that increases the already large deficit and forces interest rates lower would not result in an inflationary spike and great pain down the road. Her insistence that the Bank of England should be independent is undercut by her refusing to accept its advice on interest rates, and spinning speculation about the advice they have given is worthy of a tin foil hat. The adult in the room was Calvin Ward, who calmly set out a clear preference for long-term thinking economically, and who will be aided by a strong team in bringing back transparency and predictability to Government. Calvin Ward is the clear choice for people who care about our country's future.
Max Power, Labour
MP for Oxford East (1987-present)
Shadow Foreign Secretary (1994-present)

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