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Press Cycle 27: Archbishop of Canterbury
What do you think of the appointment of Bishop Lunn to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury? Are you content with the current process of selecting Bishops in the Church of England? Why or why not?

Cycle closes at 23:59 on the 9th of November.

Please remember to bold your taglines. One-liners are discouraged.
I personally congratulate the new Archbishop and pray for God's blessings and guidance upon him in his new call. Having said that, my conscience compels me to express my reservation about this whole process. This does not have to do with the perceived theological or social leaning of the new Archbishop, for I would feel similarly regardless of whomever was appointed.

I very much believe that the Church has an important voice in our society, and I am not one who believes that faith and politics can be, or should be, entirely separated. Nonetheless, I can also understand why many people oppose the formal relationship that exists between Church and State at this time. Is the Prime Minister (and this applied to every Prime Minister, not just the current one) really in a position to legitimately name the Archbishop of Canterbury, a spiritual office? And, one must ask, how well equipped are the Bishops of the Church to decide public policy? As someone who identifies as a Bible-believing Christian, I cannot forget that Jesus told Pilate that [his] kingdom is not of this world." The time may be approaching when Britain should rethink the formal relationship between its polity and the Church.
Max Power, Labour
MP for Oxford East (1987-present)
Shadow Foreign Secretary (1994-present)
The misogyny and sexism of senior individuals in the Church of England should be a matter for the Church of England, not politicians. Equally senior individuals in the Church of England should not sit in our legislature, and have no role in passing laws beyond that commensurate with that of a pressure group, albeit one with millions of adherents.
Labour MP for HULL NORTH (1987 - )
I congratulate the Archbishop and wish him well in his new role.

If the appointment has divided opinion within the church community it is because that body is disunited. No politician caused this; it is because there are different viewpoints among religious practitioners and scholars. It is up to the church to reconcile and heal their splits in their own ranks.
Mrs. Margo Leadbetter
Home Secretary and Secretary of State for DEFRA
Conservative MP for Surbiton
Personally, I am very happy about the appointment of Bishop Lunn. I think he is the perfect choice for the Church of England at this time. I do not believe that the issue of who appoints the Archbishop has caused any division, as the division would still exist no matter who was appointed, therefore there is one simple solution - allow the Church to appoint Archbishops themselves.

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