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Sir Duncan "Dunk" McMahon
Name: Sir Lachlan Domnhall Coinneach Duncan "Dunk" MacMahon
Avatar: John Thurso
Place of birth: Huntly
Date of birth: December 9 1936
Education: University of Edinburgh, BA and MA, Political Studies
Career: Royal Navy
Spouse and children: Wife Mary, son Arran, daughter Isla

Party and ideology: Liberal Democrat, moderate social liberal 
Political History: From a well-known (and formerly rather wealthy) family of Scottish Conservative patrons, Dunk caused a stir by announcing he was to stand as a Liberal in 1980. He secured the nomination for his home seat of Gordon, where he has served ever since. His main political focus has been international development, where he was an early supporter of debt relief and the 0.7% aid target. In part he was convinced to join the Liberals by friend and colleague Paddy Ashdown. 

Born: December 9 1936 (69) [-5 points]
Race: White [0 points]
Gender: Male [0]
Sexuality: Heterosexual [0]
Religion: Protestant Christian [0]
Family status: Married with 2 children, Arran and Isla [0]
Class: Upper class [10; 70]
Education: Private School; MA [9; 61]
Professional Life: 
Royal Navy - reached Sub-Lieutenant - 1958-1971; Special Boat Service [25; 36]
Farmer and non-profit worker - 1971-1983 - returned to the family estate, and maintained an active life travelling and working for NGOs [8; 28]
Intelligence Officer - 1970-1978 [10; 18]
MP for Gordon (1983-present) 
Other attributes: 
Member of influential political family - [15] - the MacMahons have been prominent Scottish Tories for centuries, back in more prosperous and wealthier times for the family, so MacMahon’s declaration of support for the Liberals in 1980 attracted considerable attention 

(As per a conversation on Discord, I get to keep my knighthood)
For a fundraiser, you could have a dunk tank and call it "dunk Dunk"
James Fredericks
Member of Parliament for ???
Conservative Party

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