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The Sun
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Secret Polling Revealed

Secret polling seen by the Sun suggests that despite the slowly improving national picture things may not all be rosy in the Conservative Party. Internal Conservative Party polling seen by the Sun suggests that among the General Public the Prime Minister enjoys a -10 approval rating with 30% unsure and the Conservative Party remain 20% behind the Labour Party, albeit that is an improvement of sorts. But it is polling of the membership of the Conservative Party that has really gathered attention within the Conservative Party and here at the Sun. The approval rating for the Prime Minister in the Conservative Party is only +5 with 40% being in favour and 35% against. The membership is similarly downtrodden about the prospects of a fifth term with only 15% of party members believing the Tories can achieve one to 70% against. Further polling done on individual MPs within the Conservative Party suggests that we could be imminently seeing a leadership challenge.

  1. Croft: +10
  2. Graves +5
  3. Cabot: ---
  4. Wellesley: ---
  5. Whitelaw: -5

What does this mean for the Conservative Party? Well it shows just how low morale is in the party despite an impressive and slightly surprising polling rebound in the nationals. But more than that it speaks to a disquiet among Conservative MPs about the performance of the Prime Minister. Famously the Prime Minister recently refused to turn up to the House of Commons to debate legislation which caused a great amount of uproar on Labour benches, perhaps some Tory MPs silently agree? As to who is planning the potential coup we have no idea, the polls suggest that William Croft is quite popular with the party faithful but he's definitely not powerful enough to mount a challenge, if Whitelaw wanted to form a reasonable challenge after his rumoured abortive campaign last time around then these numbers should dispel him of that particular notion. In all there are many things to concern the PM in these polls, but it is highly doubtful that a coup from his own party is one of them.

Quote:All of these are Approve/Disapprove/Unsure (if required)

General Public
PM's performance: 30/40/30

Party Membership
Party Leader: 40/35/25
5th Term: 15/70
Approve/Disapprove of Tory people:
  • Graves: 45/40
  • Croft: 35/25
  • Whitelaw: 30/35
  • Cabot: 30/30
  • Wellesley: 20/20
Can the Last Thatcherite in the Tory Party Please Turn Out the Lights?

Socialism has taken root in the Conservative Party and it begins at the heart of the operation in Number 11 Downing Street, the Government has lost the will to fight for the small state in favour of left wing populism. "You get a handout, you get a handout, handouts for everyone" is the mantra coming out of the halls of power. Taxes are up by nearly £20bn hitting everyone from the poor to our pubs, and even hitting our nation's betting shops. Public spending is up a similar amount at a time when our deficit is over £30bn in the hole per annum. This paper endorsed the Conservative Party at the last election because it stood opposed to this wanton Socialism as espoused by Neil Kinnock and his cabal of bumbling baboons over in the Labour Party, now this paper finds itself in a position where it has to endorse those baboons because they have managed to gain the economic sense that Mr Saxon so clearly abhors.

Yes Labour have picked up the ball that the Conservatives have dropped thanks to the guile of Diana Edwards. Her low tax alternative to the Tories with moderate spending proposals make Mr Saxon look like Neil Kinnock. Her plan to lower alcohol duties is well liked in our newsroom and the commitments in VAT, Income Tax, and many other areas are to be applauded for their clear belief in the power of the individual over the Government. If they continue like this then we may have to rethink our stance on endorsing Labour for the next election. The Sun endorses the Shadow Budget as laid out by Diana Edwards, long may she continue to reign in Labour's worst excesses..

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