Full Version: Press Cycle Request Thread
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Think something should be its own press cycle, well make a point of saying it here and we'll give it its own cycle if we agree.
The Education policy speech should probably be a press cycle.
I'm thinking ID cards - what with it being a ministerial statement and a point of contention between parties.
Might be worth making a new press cycle for the Banking Act - to continue from the NR one.
How about one for the Lisbon Treaty?
The Education Act should be its own press cycle given the level of debate the bill has received.
Concur. It's getting juicy
Can I ask the A-tean to move over GPC posts themselves? Otherwise it might get messy.
If we move over GPC posts then they will preceed the post for the cycle itself. Since there are so many I am inclined to leave your stuff in the GPC and have the cycle be for things going forward.
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