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Leaflet - 100
Billboard - 200
Speech - 200
Canvass/Mainstreet - 300
High Profile Event - 400 (1 per campaign, chosen by party leader)
Beth Hunter Free Event:


Beth Hunter, spoke to voters alongside the candidate Alison McGovern in Wirral South, where she spoke with voters about: the governments plan for the recovery, investment in public services and connecting the UK with better public transport.

To a voter concerned about the state of the economy she said "I understand the public's concern with the economy and I want to say that the government will be there for each and every person who struggles through this global crisis, triggered by the greed of those at the top who simply will not be allowed to get away with it. In order to ensure that our economy swiftly and sustainably moved back to growth, we will invest in projects across the country, including in places like the Wirral that will ensure that people have access to high quality jobs, good public services and a cleaner environment. We will ensure that when we come out of the crisis that no one is left behind."

To another voter concerned about public services she said: "While Labour has been in power we have restored our NHS and our education system back to a fit state for a modern country, this will not slow down. We will continue to ensure that our services are the gold standard across the globe and that this is true here and in every part of the country. That means more money for pupils, more money for the NHS, more hospital and clinics across the country and here. Unlike other parties who may put "efficiencies" before the public good, we will always stand with the people and meet their needs."

To a final voter who asked about investment in public transport she said, "Unfortunately it was leaked, but we do have ambitions to follow through on the "SuperConnect" project, which will form a stage of our long term infrastructural plan, that will both help the UK become better connected and thus help our economy grow, but also make us a more sustainable country. One of the main stops on our plan is Liverpool, which will mean much shorter travel times from The Wirral to other parts of the country such as Liverpool and Glasgow as well as more job opportunities locally and access to jobs across the UK."
Dunk MacMahon Free Event (Day 1) - Mainstreeting in Wirral South

Sir Duncan MacMahon joined Jamie Saddler and other Lib Dem activists as they campaigned through Wirral South. 

On the reason for voting Liberal Democrat, Sir Dunk said "if you elect Jamie as your next MP, you'll have a strong community champion. You'll have someone who'll always be fighting for the people of this constituency. You'll have someone who'll be a constructive opposition figure to the government - the Lib Dems have been making sure the government doesn't neglect civil liberties, doesn't abuse bank nationalisation powers, doesn't give nationalised bank leadership positions to non-doms, makes sure welfare reforms help those who suffer from chronic or mental health disorders. But also someone who will call out the government - whether on education or the economy or the environment - when they're falling short. And Jamie will be helping develop an alternative, progressive bold liberal vision for government, that we will take into the next general election and break this destructive two-party duopoly." 

On the unique issues that Liberal Democrats are championing, Sir Dunk said "the fact is, there are so many issues where neither Labour nor Conservative politicians are providing the moral leadership that our country needs. We're the only major party who stood firm against the disastrous invasion of Iraq - and am leading the charge for an inquiry so the British public can find out once and for all what happened and what lessons can be learned. We're the party championing civil liberties, fighting against the judgemental overregulation of everyday life, and the disastrous waste of money that is the ID card scheme. We're the party fighting for tougher action on tax evasion, for comprehensive action on climate change, for the rights of the Gurkhas, for more serious action on issues like fighting child poverty and ending the vicious cycle where people are trapped on welfare with no way out." 

On the need for economic recovery, Sir Dunk said "the Liberal Democrats are a party that will pursue an evidence-based, pragmatic, equitable response to economic growth. The two parties have failed to change a fundamental flaw of our economy - that too much economic growth, too much opportunity, is concentrated in areas such as the South East, and this is both unsustainable and unjust and erodes the sense of national identity that we need. We need radical new investments in our economy, in public transport, in housing, in green growth and green jobs, in creating new engines of economic growth throughout the country. And we also need to look at what we can do - smarter tax and regulation systems, promoting free trade globally through the EU and beyond - to help the private sector create jobs and provide investment too."
Sebastian Knight Free Event


Sebastian Knight spoke to voters with candidate Jeff Clarke.

One voter had questioned Mr Knight's opposition to legislation aimed at increasing the age of participation in education. Mr Knight said "Neither I or the Conservative Party oppose the idea of increasing the age of participation to 18, however, the Government, through sheer stubbornness have let loose a policy which will take effect immediately, meaning that schools, colleges and education/training providers do not have the time to prepare, and forcing young people who are in work back into some form of education/training in which they have to complete, perhaps even losing pay or doing this in their spare time.

To another voter who asked about the budget Mr Knight spoke about how Labour simply do not care about the here and now. He said "The Government have a long-term budget plan that will be out of date by the time their policies come to fruition. They are thinking of investment in the future, which is good, but on its own is useless. They have done nothing to help increase people's spending power now, which we would have done had we been in power. They refused to lower VAT, which would make items more affordable for the ordinary person. Whilst this would not stop any recession in its entirety, it is one measure that can help to lessen the effects of it. Labour's long-term proposals will take years to effect the economy, and because they have no short-term plan, their long-term strategy could be out of date by this time next year."

To a third voter, who queried about Northern Rock - Mr Knight said this - "Look at Labour's response to our plan to re-mutualise and return Northern Rock back to its building society roots - they cried "Privatization!" They cannot envisage any other form management that doesn't have their grubby little mitts all over it. Any thing they cannot control they claim is privatization, as if privatization is a dirty word. They would rather Northern Rock be controlled by the Government, benefitting the few, not the many, than have a system which benefits the many, not the few"
Canvassing - 300

Elaine Ashbury was on the campaign trail in Wirral South to canvass with local candidate Jeff Clarke. She focused on the following points:
  • Economy: "The budget debate made it very clear what the dividing lines are on tackling the recession. Where Labour put all its cards on the government, we presented a balanced mix of measures that would combine bolstering consumer confidence with ambitious investment. And with Beth Hunter in charge, if the leaked transport plans are any indication, that is not going to change. If the cost estimates bear out, it will be very hard to find money to protect your spending power through this immediate recession, while the benefits of a programme like this won't come into their full until years in the future. Unlike Labour's offering this year and next year, the Conservative Party has shown it is on your side, cutting taxes such as VAT. That won't just bolster your spending power, it will bolster our economy by keeping up consumer confidence and increasing consumption, which will help businesses through the recession. That's the choice before you this by-election."
  • Northern development: "The North used to be the powerhouse that powered the Industrial Revolution. I believe that with the right support, we can make it the powerhouse to power the Green Revolution. With our Green Enterprise Zones, geared specifically towards attracting green innovative businesses, we'll create green-collar jobs here in the North and help save our planet. And we'll put more powers in the hand of local governments to tailor policy to local circumstances. Labour likes to talk about their transport plan, but here's the question - why leak it if you're committed to it? The truth is, so long as no government figure announces that plan on the record, it's just a very rough sketch, and there's a lot of questions left unanswerred. What will it cost? Will the connection from places like the Wirral to major SuperConnect stations be secured so that you have easy access to it? And will the tickets be at all affordable to those who rely on them? Don't set stock by a sketch leaked from Whitehall when you can have a plan to boost the economy up north - and send Jeff Clarke as a local champion to Westminster.
  • NHS: "I believe in the NHS and of course I want to protect it from cuts to frontline services as we enter a recession. But what you'll be hearing from Labour on the doorsteps is that that's all that's needed. And that's simply not true. If the NHS is going to keep providing the best possible care to all of us, it will need reform, not more one-size-fits-all solutions. I want to build an NHS that is care-oriented, centered on doctors and patients. We'll build on the Foundation Trust model to empower local communities and medical professionals here in the Wirral and across the country to take greater control of their healthcare. And we'll empower patients, guided by their local GP, to make the choices that matter to them, and use those choices to shape the allocation of funds and resources. That way, we'll achieve a NHS that provides the best for local communities everywhere, side-by-side with local professionals and the patients who rely on them."
Speech (£200):

I want to thank you all for coming out here today, I'm back in the Wirral to make sure you elect Alison who will be a fantastic MP for the area, a hard working councillor who knows what it takes to deliver for people. I know how important it is for places like this to have a Labour MP and to have a Labour government, one that delivers on its promises and keeps our public services and our people safe.

I know that we will all be concerned about the economic numbers that have come out recently, I admit it looks tough, but this country and this government have overcome tough challenges and we will continue to do so under my leadership and with Alison as part of a strong Labour team. I remember 1997, our schools were underfunded and our NHS was on the brink, then we came in and delivered for the people of this country and made sure that everyone had the services they need. Now we face a new challenge, one made in the boardrooms of American banks and through the reckless gambles of the very few at the top coming home to roost. This challenge means we must think much more carefully about what role our government plays, it should be leading the investments that allow places like Wirral South to prosper and that means making sure that everyone's needs are met through our help if necessary. This government is on your side and will continue to be, unlike other parties that may act as if they've changed, but will bring the scythe down upon our services if given the opportunity.

We've also made a big show of our 35% target for renewable energy. This isn't just a policy that is good for our sustainability or for the environment, it is a policy that will deliver new industries and jobs to places like the Wirral and beyond. Well paying, secure jobs that are good for the planet and will put Britain at the cutting edge of green industry and research. This country has led the world consistently in so many ways, now we have a chance, with the right leadership and investment to do so again. As the world pivots toward renewable energy as they will have to in order to confront climate change, we will be able to use our expertise developed at home to become a great exporting nation that will lead the world to a sustainable and prosperous future.

In order to do this we will need the best infrastructure we can have, that's why we have begun the first stages of planning for SuperConnect, that will be the first stage of a long term infrastructural plan to bring the UK closer together and ensure that people have access to all of the country through low CO2 public transport. This will be cornerstone of our sustainability strategy and the backbone of our green industrial plan, to ensure that all workers can get to their place of work, with a high paying sustainable job without the need to use overly polluting methods. That means yet more jobs right here and across the country, that will jumpstart this country towards sustainable and consistent growth that will take long into the 21st century.

I've not come here under any illusions, there will be significant challenges ahead, but with MPs like Alison we will meet those challenges and come out of it stronger than before.

Billboard (£200):

[Image: bb_1.jpg]
Dunk MacMahon High Profile Event - £400 (Wirral South)

Thank you all for being here today, it’s fantastic to be in this constituency again and helping our brilliant candidate, Jamie Saddler, get out the vote. And one issue that looms large over this by-election is, I think, the economic recession.

The Liberal Democrats have long been the party who have been saying that our economy is way too vulnerable to this sort of crisis - that, as our economy has grown, it has been built in large place on levels of personal debt only sustainable so long as house prices continued to rise, with a government failing to diversify our economy or create the fiscal leeway needed to respond to crises such as this. And our plan - of stimulus, of enterprise, of innovation - is the one that this country needs.

Labour is right to say that this started from lax regulation in America, but that does not excuse the policy choices - and the lack of ambition - that they have shown here at home. We need a government that is forward-thinking in its investment, aggressive in achieving social justice and long-term sustainability, and paves the way for entrepreneurship and innovation. Sadly, the Lib Dems have not really been thinking about that.

And the Conservatives - though they try and pretend they are no longer the Nasty Party of the past - there’s still a big flaw in their thinking, on issues such as environmental sustainability and equality of opportunity. They don’t integrate these ideals into the core of their thinking. It’s always some after-the-fact last-minute addition for them. And when you look at policies such as their proposals to allow businesses to run our schools, they’ve still got their same-old outdated policy instincts on display.

The fact is, both of the two old establishment parties...they take too much for granted. They take too many votes for granted. They’re still too caught up in the old policy orthodoxies and ideological squabbles of the last century. It is the Liberal Democrats - the choice for progressive reform in this country - who are offering a way to break the mould.

So thank you for your time, and thank you for your support, and get out there, do what you can, and don’t forget to vote!
Deputy Conservative Leader and Shadow Chancellor Samuel Beddow
Free Event 2 (of 2) - Speech in Wirral South

Good evening, Wirral South, and thank you all for having me! It is a pleasure to speak before you all here tonight on behalf of a man who you can choose for your next MP: Jeff Clarke! Of course, this by-election is of great importance for our nation's future and the course of government down in Westminster. But this election is fundamentally not about Westminster - its about everyday people here in Merseyside - in placed like Heswall and Bebbington in this constituency.

So, in a sense, given the importance of by-elections in our system, you get a mix of local issues from the candidates and more national-focused policies from party leadership. Well, I'd like to change that up a bit and show how the national policies that us Conservatives want to implement across Great Britain will directly benefit communities in Wirral South - whether it is fighting climate change to promoting world-class education and skills acquisition, or whether its lowering taxes to standing up to Eurocrats in Brussels.

Now, I don't have to tell communities on the Wirral the importance of fighting climate change, with the threats of rising sea levels and economic disruption. Within a century, this will be a very-real threat to your communities and to your children and grandchildren. That is why we Conservatives are thinking big about how we can address this looming problem. We aren't going to go before Parliament and give an ill-prepared ministerial statement that has no meat behind it, as Labour have done. We aren't going to talk about prioritizing climate without issuing a shadow budget to address that, as the Liberal Democrats have done.

No, a Conservative government, with MPs like Jeff Clarke on-board, will instead lead the fight by promoting a Northern Green Deal that empowers communities to move away from less clean energy sources while empowering them with new jobs and opportunities. We will empowering households and small businesses with insulation grants to prevent loss of energy and heating, and we will fight for micro-generation capabilities. When it comes to recognizing the importance of this issue, it isn't a partisan issue. But when it comes to fixing this issue, there's only one party out there that has put forward clear proposals on how to tackle this challenge of the 21st century.

I mentioned that we have put forward proposals, and many of those could be found in our shadow budget. I'm proud of the work we did as a Party to lead the fight against tax hikes. Unlike Labour - who actually went against Lord Keynes' economic instructions and proceeded to raise taxes during a looming recession - we would have cut your taxes, including a significant cut to the VAT. But we also would've stabilized duties on fuel, because communities outside of London are reliant on their cars to get them from point A to point B.

But what I'm probably most proud of in our shadow budget was how we led the fight for smart investment in jobs and apprenticeships, in education and further skills. Whether it was expanding research in the technologies of the future, or expanding the number of apprenticeships, our Conservative plans place an emphasis on workers. And now that Labour has found us in the middle of a recession, it is just as important that we Conservatives maintain this emphasis, and prepare to build a strong recovery. But long-term economic growth is dependent not only on what we do here and now, but on what we teach our children and what skills we equip ourselves with. That is why one of our focuses has been on creating a Lifelong Learning Fund and increasing the number of academies and other innovative educational environments, like City Technology Colleges, that we can choose to send our children to attend.

As I've been travelling across Britain, I have heard a new level of frustration with the way politics as usual have been conducted. I agree: government by spin is not a sustainable way to lead our great democracy. But we cannot ignore the elephants in the room: the European Union and the pressures that have been placed on our social services through unlimited immigration. I firmly believe immigration makes us stronger as a nation, and diversity makes us better as people. I also echo the statements made by all major parties against religious-discrimination: it has no place in Great Britain! But an ever-closer political union is not what we signed up for when we voted for free trade with Europe. And refusing sensible checks on immigration is just that - insensible. That is why Conservatives, like Jeff Clarke, will fight for a stronger Britain within Europe.

Of course, every vote counts in this by-election here in Wirral South. I appreciate you all spending your time with me and Jeff Clarke here tonight, and hope you join the wave of Britons who are going to be voting for a Conservative candidate - you have the chance to make real change, and it starts at this by-election! Thank you, and good night.

Conservative Billboard in Wirral South (-£200)

[Image: TaxBillboard.jpg]
High Profile Event - 400

Conservative Party Leader Elaine Ashbury capped off the party's campaign in Wirral South speaking at an event with local candidate Jeff Clarke:

Quote:Ladies and gentlemen,

It's great to be back here in the Wirral to support our local champion for this community, Jeff Clarke - a candidate who is truly on your side. And through this recession, I don't think there's anything that's more important than to have politicians, and a party, on your side, helping you through it. Our popular Shadow Budget has been the only budget to present a balanced mix of measures to protect consumer confidence, help you keep the pound in your pocket and keep our economy moving. And while we've realised that we can only weather this economic storm if we stand side by side with communities and families up and down this country, we've seen Labour, under Arthur Sweeney, put all its cards on government investment.

With Beth Hunter succeeding him in Number 10, what we've seen so far is that it's only about to get worse in terms of Labour's approach of the government going it alone with another uninspiring one-size-fits-all solution spun into the next big thing. And what I've been saying ever since both architects of New Labour left office has rung more and more true as time goes on: it's now up to the Conservative Party to offer sensible, moderate policies that build on the power of this country and stand on the side of ordinary people.

The fortuitously timed leak for the new SuperConnect plans - a sketch of a policy that by its very method of announcement shows itself liable to change - is exactly the kind of policy I am talking about. It sounds great on the surface - a fast train between major cities in north and south. But it leaves crucial questions unanswerred. The Prime Minister herself told voters in this constituency that SuperConnect would cut travel times - but you have to rely on travel times over an hour by public transport to get to the nearest station. And then there's the matter of cost - both to the taxpayer and to passengers. Chances are this new technology will make for a very expensive and exclusive service.

When it comes to empowering Northern communities, of course infrastructure is important, and our Shadow Budget delivers investment in infrastructure. But what's so unique about the Conservative vision is the idea that government alone won't be making enough of a difference - to truly get the North flourishing again, we'll need to tap into the energy in these communities and help them grasp new opportunities. I passionately believe that if we empower local communities up and down this country to succeed, we can help our country succeed, whether that's in our National Health Service, or in the local economy, or in the fight against climate change. Because there is no one-size-fits-all Britain, and that's a good thing.

For places like the Wirral and Crewe, that means the following: we've got a concrete plan to empower Northern communities. I passionately believe that the powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution will power Britain's next green revolution. That's why we'll be creating Green Enterprise Zones here in the North with special regulations to attract new, innovative and environmentally-friendly businesses that will help us tackle climate change. We'll tackle unemployment and boost the local economy with green-collar jobs created in this way and help save our planet in the process. It means more elected mayors on the London model, with powers to help boost the local economy on the terms that matter to communities on the ground. It means empowering those communities to band together and challenge save vital local services such as the pub or post office. It means reforms to the National Health Service that help local communities, medical professionals and individual patients guide the priorities of the NHS. It means building on the success of Academies to create a more diverse school system that will extend opportunities to all of our pupils, all of the time.

Above all, it means a government that hears the voices of people in these constituencies, and listens. I am deeply troubled by the way that the BNP has been so emboldened to the point where they dare to champion a ban on migration based on the God you believe in. It's racist, it's bigoted, it has no place in British society or politics, but worst of all - it makes a caricature of the legitimate concerns people have about immigration. And that's not about anyone's culture or beliefs, but about the strain immigration can put on communities if it's not sensibly controlled. I believe immigrants have and will always add something to Britain. But as even Arthur Sweeney agreed, we need to talk about sensible limits on immigration. And the Conservative Party will be leading the way, just like we led the way from the opposition benches to you finally having a say on the monumental transfer of sovereignty that is the Lisbon Treaty.

The contrast that's on the ballot is growing even starker than last year on so many issues. Both because of the economic circumstances and because with Beth Hunter, we have a Labour PM who seems to turn away even further from the times of Brown and Blair. We're seeing Labour instincts go into overdrive. We've seen them hail a 35% target for renewable energy as the next big thing in the fight against climate change, despite presenting exactly zero initiatives to back up that ambition. Meanwhile, Conservatives have championed solutions to climate change from the bottom up, helping us reach our ambitious carbon reduction target not just through stimulating green business but through helping ordinary families insulate their homes or generate their own energy.

We've seen Labour's leaked plans go beyond the ambitions of the last Budget, which will make it even harder to keep taxes from rising. Meanwhile, it's the Conservatives who realise that we can't just rely on the government to get us out of recession - we need to protect your spending power, bolster consumer confidence and help businesses protect jobs. In our Shadow Budget, we made a strong case for doing all that through a VAT cut.

We've seen Labour growing increasingly hostile to reforming our public services, preferring to stop at investment, decrying extending their own Academies scheme as stealth privatisation. Meanwhile, it's the Conservatives who are championing not just investment in our public services but reforms to tailor them to your needs. By building on Academies and Foundation Trusts, we are moving away from the tired one-size-fits-all model in our public services. Because not all communities, patients and pupils have the same needs - and we need to recognise that in the way we run our public services.

This is the choice before you on election day at the polling station, even stronger than before: you can vote for the increasingly uninspiring one-size-fits-all solutions of the Labour Party, sketches from a Whitehall drawing board - or you can send a local Conservative champion to Westminster. We're still some way off a general election, but you have the opportunity to vote for change now - and to vote for a Party that is on your side through the challenges facing our country, and which will work tirelessly, side-by-side with you, your family and your communities, to build up Britain stronger than it was before.

Come election day, vote for Jeff Clarke as your Member of Parliament, a MP that is on your side.

Thank you.

Afterwards, Elaine went canvassing with Jeff and local volunteers:
  • Climate Change: "I think Labour's shown its lack of imagination by setting a 35% target for renewable energy without any plans to meet it. The fact is, we're the only party with a concrete down-to-earth plan to fight climate change together with communities up and down this country. That doesn't just help tackle climate change and save you money by means of insulating your home or generating your own energy, it also helps the local economy. Our Green Enterprise Zones will make Northern communities the powerhouse of the Green Revolution by attracting innovative green businesses."
  • Immigration: "Let me be absolutely clear: immigration is a net positive to this country as a whole, and racist limits on immigration based on religion have no place in our society and politics. But the anti-Muslim policy the BNP recently unveiled is also a caricature of the legitimate concerns many people in communities like this one have about the strain immigration can put on local communities. The Conservatives will lead the debate on sensible limits to immigration."
  • Education: "Labour likes to harp on about their investment in Education. The truth is that our Shadow Budget matched their investment in many areas and was more ambitious on skills, including apprenticeships and the Skills Fund as part of our Opportunity Agenda. But investment is not the end-all be-all of building a 21st-century education and skills system in this country - to do so, we need to reform the system to break through the old one-size-fits-all mentality. Our extension of the Academies scheme to bring in non-profit private expertise to help provide for the need for a more diverse and innovative schools system is the key to building a schools system that works for all pupils, all of the time."