Full Version: PC 18 - By-Election Results
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What do the By-Election results mean for your party and for the Government as a whole?

Cycle closes at 23:59 on the 21st of February
While we're happy to be welcoming two new colleagues to parliament, it is naturally a difficult night for the government and we have been told in no uncertain terms that people want to see improvements in their lives and that they think we are no longer delivering that. That is the task before, we will return this country to growth, we will make sure it's felt by all in this country. We will ensure that people regain their trust in this party and this government and that begins with the work we will be doing on the budget, which will chart a path to sustainable growth.
I just want to congratulate all our candidates and campaigners in their by-elections in what was a fantastic night of results for the Conservative Party, and a clear message that people back our vision for the United Kingdom. I mean this was clearly seen in the Conservatives winning the Crewe and Nantwich seat for the first time in its 25 year history. Regaining Wirral South for the first time since 1997. A growth of almost 10% in vote share in Glenrothes, an area we typically don't poll well. And not only holding, but growing support in Henley. These by-elections served as a clear message to Labour that the public are not satisfied with their Government.
This is a fantastic result not just for the Conservative Party, but for the whole of The United Kingdom. These bi-elections have confirmed what many of us already knew: that the British people are losing faith in Labour's ability to govern the country. At a time of economic uncertainty, when all of us know that firm leadership will be needed to manage the storm ahead, the British electorate is sending the message that they are no longer confident in Labour's ability to get the job done. Britain deserves real leadership, with sound economic policy that puts power into the hands of the people. We know that Labour can't deliver it, and now the British people are showing they feel the same. 

Congratulations to my new colleagues on their election victories. Now let's get to work.
The Labour Party have lost votes in each seat of the most recent set of by-elections. People are losing faith in them. They are losing faith in them because Labour are quite content to sit back after nationalising Northern Rock, and pretend that there is no further viable option. They are losing faith in them because Labour have no clear short-term economic goal, but only projects that will take years to have an effect whilst a recession looms around the corner. They are losing faith because Labour couldn't even cut VAT by 1% to boost spending power. They are losing faith because Labour would rather sacrifice the education and training of those between the ages of 16 - 18 instead of admitting they had made a mistake and work on a cross-party consensus on education and training provision for those people.

Beth Hunter may have admitted that it was a tough night for the Government, but does she really understand the reasons why Labour are losing support? 
I am absolutely delighted to welcome my new colleagues to Parliament. They'll make fantastic MPs. But I can congratulate campaigners across all the constituencies we contested for an optimistic, positive and passionate campaign. The Prime Minister seems to think she can blame these losses squarely on the economy, the recession they could've mitigated with tax cuts like we proposed. But that's only part of the message people up and down the country have been sending: this country needs change this government no longer seems to provide. Whether it's on the economy, climate change, education, immigration or on connecting communities, the Conservative Party is providing fresh and sensible policies to take this country forward into the 2010s. While Labour seems stuck by the wayside, we're on the side of people and communities up and down this country, working with them to tackle the challenges facing our country.