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Name James Arnold
Age 34
Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Sexuality Straight
Dejan Lovren

Education Completed A-Level in French and English, No University
Journalists for the Liverpool Echo (2005-2015)
Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside (2015-)

Party Labour
Faction Momentum
Parliamentary Career (if applicable)
Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (2016-2018) (Resigned due to Personal Issues)

Constituency Appeal
Backbench Favourite
Finite Resources
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James Arnold was born on April 10th 1985 in Wirral. His farther was Chris Jones, a carer, and his mother was Alex Arnold, a waitress. James went to South Wirral High School and 6th Form where he obtained his A-Levels in English and French. He wanted to attend university but didn’t due to his mothers ill health. He moved to Liverpool to write for the Liverpool Echo in 2005. He worked at the Echo until 2015. While at the Echo, James usually wrote about football and local sports news and minor local events.

James first really gained an interest in politics in 2003 when watching Jeremy Corbyn speaking in opposition to the Iraq War at a huge protest London. James did see the negatives of Conservative governments through this childhood, seeing the poverty in his communities but finally found out what politics he believed in during his early adulthood, and he became a passionate socialist because of it.

He became an Member of Parliament in 2015, elected as MP for Liverpool Riverside. In the 2015 and 2016 Leadership election he supported Jeremy Corbyn for the leader of the Labour Party, believing his project was the way to rebuild Labour and create a clear difference between Labour and the Tories. James believed the way forward to a new Labour government was to move to the left and offer something that hasn’t been offered in a couple decades by the Labour Party. In 2016 James joined Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet after the mass walk out in an attempt to remove him as leader. James continued in his role of Shadow Minister for Environment, Food& Rural Affairs until 2016 when he resigned due to the death of his farther. During the 2016 Brexit Referendum, James supported the leave campaign but was not overly involved.

James’ views on Brexit are a soft leave however he wishes to do everything to avoid a hard Brexit or no deal. He is opposed to the people’s vote as well however believes it is preferable to a disastrous no deal/hard Brexit. 

James votes against bombings in Syria, seeing that bombings in Syria will not lead to the eradication of terrorists in the region and saying that ‘More intervention in an already destabilised region will only lead to more suffering, more misery and more hatred. This will not solve the issue we face with IS, this will just result in further hatred towards the west and further terrorism.’
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