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Want to ask the Speaker for an Urgent Question? Do so here.
Mr Speaker,

The Prime Minister announced a policy on the Northern Irish border and announced an agreement with the government of the Republic of Ireland without informing Parliament. I beg leave to ask that the Prime Minister be summoned to answer questions before the House urgently.
I would remind the Honourable Lady that it was the Foreign Secretary who announced the policy, therefore it is he I shall be ordering to the Dispatch Box.
Mr Speaker,

Following the statement by the leader of Fianna Fáil, I beg leave to ask the Prime Minister to be summoned to answer questions before the house urgently
On what grounds?
Mr Speaker,

Mr Martin’s statement could have huge repercussions for the Union, for Brexit negotiations and also for this Government. This Mr Speaker is a change to the composition of the government.  it is only right that the Prime Minister comes to this house to answer questions from Members.
*probably as the Deputy Leader of the House or something*

Mr Speaker, this is not a change in the composition of the Government, which consists of the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, and the One Nation Party.
Mr Saxon unless you can provide for a proper reason with precedent I will not call the Prime Minister to this House for parlour room gossip.
Mr.Speaker while the Prime Minister is skirting around definitions, I think this is an unprecedented situation where we have two parties with foreign origins and base of operations are essential for survival of this government. As we are in one of the most important negotiations in the recent British history and these parties are to be potentially forming a government in the Republic of Ireland and be on the other side of these negotiations while also having power to topple this government anytime at their will is certainly unprecedented. I do think you have a duty to establish a precedence here.
The Prime Minister is so ordered to attend the Commons for an Urgent Question by the Right Honourable Member for Stoke-On-Trent North.
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