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  PC 21 - Immigration Reform
Posted by: Mac - Yesterday, 07:32 PM - Forum: Press Office - No Replies

How does the system need reform? Should these reforms look like any other system in particular?

Cycle closes at 23:59 on the 28th of February.

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  PC 20 - Expenses Scandal
Posted by: Mac - Yesterday, 07:32 PM - Forum: Press Office - Replies (1)

What do you think about the expenses scandal, what should be done?

Cycle closes at 23:59 on the 28th February

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  Patricia Carmichael
Posted by: Jessica Hyde-Turner - 02-23-2020, 08:55 PM - Forum: New Players - No Replies

Name: Patricia Carmichael 
Age: 45
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Sexuality: Straight
Avatar: Anna Maxwell Martin

Education: BSc International Relations, University of York.
Detective Chief Superintendent, Metropolitan police (retired)

Parliamentary Career (if applicable): MP for Islington North 

Traits (Select two positive and one negative):
Media Darling
Campaigning Guru

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  MO - Gurkha Resettlement
Posted by: Beth Hunter - 02-23-2020, 12:05 AM - Forum: The Debating Chamber - Replies (1)

Mr Speaker, I rise today to right a historic wrong and after consultation with the very campaigners who sought this change, we will finally allow the settlement of Gurkhas into the United Kingdom regardless of year of retirement. I also want to extend my congratulations to the campaigners including Joanna Lumley who I met with to ensure that these changes did, in fact, meet the demands of the campaign and to the Right Honourable Member for Gordon, who I know has been working very hard on that matter. I'm sure that these campaigners and the Right Honourable Member will be taking this opportunity to celebrate the success of this campaign and I say it is well earned.

Mr Speaker, this Ministerial Order will pause all ongoing deportations until the new terms of resettlement come into force on the 6th of April. It will allow any former member of the Gurkhas the right to resettlement in the UK regardless of year of retirement provided they meet one of the following five criteria: that they have served for four years or more with the Gurkhas, have a chronic or long-term medical condition, they have close family in the UK, that they have a bravery award or that they have had three years of continuous residence within the UK during or after their service.

Mr Speaker, this House passed a motion by unanimous consent to make the House's will known and we have acted upon that as we would have been expected to. We have come together in a trying time for the country and the world to do the right thing. At a time when there are forces across the world and close to home that would encourage us to be closed and petty we have shown that we can be an open country and celebrate those who have given so much for this country and do right by them. However, Mr Speaker, we must not congratulate ourselves too much, the fact is that this has happened in the first place reflects poorly upon us and I would like to apologise to the Gurkhas who have had to face the prospect of deportation. It was wrong and while it may come late in the day we will enusre this does not happen again.

Quote:Citation and Commencement
1. This order can be cited as the Gurkha Settlement Amendment Order 2009 and Section 2 shall come into force on the 6th of April 2009, Section 3 shall come into force with immediate effect.

Terms of Resettlement
2. Henceforth, in addition to current eligible members of the Gurkha Brigade any individual who meets one of the following conditions shall be allowed the right to settle in the United Kingdom:

        (1) Any individual who has served for four years or more in the Gurkha Brigade, regardless of the year of retirement.
        (2) Any former member of the Gurkha Brigade who has chronic or long-term medical condition.
        (3) Any former member of the Gurkha Brigade who has a child, spouse, sibling or parent in the UK.
        (4) Any former member of the Gurkha Brigade who has a bravery award of any kind.
        (5) Three years continuous residence in the UK during or after service.

Status of Ongoing Deportations
3. Any ongoing deportations of former members of the Gurkha Brigade are to be paused with immediate effect until Section 2 enters into force on the 6th of April 2009.

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  Selena Denton
Posted by: Selena Denton - 02-22-2020, 03:11 AM - Forum: New Players - No Replies

[Image: d857046cda51ce417a830af6dac88e2f.jpg]

Name: Selena Denton
Age: 43 (24th April 1966)
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Sexuality: Straight
Avatar: Selina Meyer in VEEP (Julia Louis-Dreyfus)

Education: Bachelor of Finance (University of London.1987) and Master of Financial Economics (University of London.1988)
Career: Assistant Economist at the Government Economic Service from 1988, Economist at the Government Economic Service from 1991 and Head of the Government Economic Service from 1999
Parliamentary Career: MP for Great Grimsby since 2001, Economic Secretary to the Treasury from 2003 to 2007 and then Financial Secretary to the Treasury since 2007.

Media Darling
Campaigning Guru
Finite Resources

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  European Union (Amendment) Act 2009
Posted by: Beth Hunter - 02-19-2020, 06:53 PM - Forum: Division Lobbies - Replies (16)


Mr Speaker,

I am delighted to be able to present to the house, the legislation that will enable us to follow the will of the British people and ratify the Lisbon Treaty. Just as I said that if the electorate had delivered a verdict against the treaty, I woud have vetoed it I am now carrying out mine and the House's duty to follow through on the verdict that they did deliver, one in favour of ratification.

Every single person who voted in the referendum did so with the best interests of this country at heart, they made the decision that they felt was right not a single one was unpatriotic in that decision or putting Britain's interests behind any others and we must all recognise that and thank the electorate and both campaigns for their participation. They have delivered the largest democratic mandate behind any decision made by the electorate in this country and while those that voted against the treaty may feel disheartened and disappointed, I promise them that the task of scrutinising the European Union and in making it work better for everyone, will continue even with the ratification of the treaty.

However, Mr Speaker, I want to encourage all members across the House to vote for this legislation today, not just because the electorate has instructed us to do so, but out of a desire to unite and put this chapter of bickering over the EU to an end. I understand that members across the House have reservations and have expressed them through the course of the campaign, but the campaign is over. Let's take the decision of the electorate and make it a success, together and I would caution against those that would seek to bind the United Kingdom to successive referendums on this specific issue, the divisiveness of this issue ought not to be dredged up again without good reason.

Mr Speaker, the government is not uncritical and will utilise the full extent of the powers offered to it by the treaty to lead like-minded countries in ensuring that powers are held where they operate best and that the EU does not ride roughshod over anyone. We are committed to enacting the will not just of the people who voted for the treaty, but to heeding the concerns and consternation of those who did not want ratification. Our task in this place, especially in such uncertain times, is to lead by example, leave the campaign behind and get on with the job we have each been elected to do and that is best done by ratifying here today to confirm the will of the electorate.

Mr Speaker, I beg to move that the Bill be read a First Time and be Printed.

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  MS - Update on the Pakistan Region
Posted by: Harry Pearce - 02-18-2020, 08:53 PM - Forum: The Debating Chamber - Replies (4)

Mr Speaker,

I beg leave of the House to make an urgent statement regarding the ongoing situation in the Pakistan region and the wider Middle East, following the detonation of a 75kt nuclear device in Islamabad earlier this week.

Mr Speaker, I'm sure the whole House will join with me in a moment of reflection upon the very human tragedy that has taken place in Pakistan at the hands of the Taliban, who I can now inform the House with an unparalleled degree of certainty were responsible for the attack upon Islamabad, which was conducted using a stolen nuclear device belonging to the Pakistani military.

Mr Speaker, the situation on the ground is extremely complex and I will attempt to address each issue in turn succinctly, whilst giving due regard to the needs of the House and the wider nation to be fully informed.

I can advise the House that the Pakistani military lost control of a nuclear device some months ago. Rapidly moving nuclear weapons around the country was a key part of Pakistani nuclear strategy and military posture, and it would appear that during one such routine movement a convoy responsible for moving a portable nuclear weapon was attacked and overpowered by the Taliban. The Taliban were subsequently able to separate the core nuclear device from its missile enclosure and move it into Islamabad despite significant contingencies and security measures being implemented against them; these were clearly not effective.

The number of casualties and the extent of the damage as a result of the detonation are still not known, and providing relief to directly affected areas is proving extremely difficult. Nonetheless, steps are now being taken to evacuate British citizens from Pakistan. British military units have been diverted from their ongoing mission in Afghanistan to facilitate this, and flights out of Pakistan are now taking place. I regret to advise the House that I cannot yet give an estimate of how many Britons remain in the region, due to the total elimination of the staff of the British High Commission in Pakistan.

Mr Speaker, I have to inform the House that Pakistan as an entity effectively no longer exists. Two civilian governments have been established in the Sind and Punjab regions, led by Benazir Bhutto in Karachi and Nawaz Sharif in Lahore respectively. These two governments, which have established control over areas which we will henceforth refer to as Sindistan and Punjabistan, appear to have established control over Pakistani military units in their respective areas. We are not yet in a position to formally recognise either government, but are maintaining quasi-official communications through our consulates in Karachi and Lahore.

The areas of Baluchistan and Pashtunistan are presently effectively lawless, with warlords of various affiliations exerting considerable influence and control in Baluchistan and the Taliban apparently in full control of Pashtunistan. In the north-east, particularly Kashmir, India has launched a military campaign and taken control of the immediate area. At this time, we do not regard Indian activity in former Pakistani Kashmir as malignant or hostile.

Mr Speaker, over the course of the past 48 hours an emergency operation was undertaken by the armed forces of the United States, with limited support from British special forces, to secure all known Pakistani nuclear weapons. To the best of our knowledge, all such weapons are now accounted for. I can therefore say with some confidence that the former Pakistan has been forcibly denuclearised in order to safeguard against the possibility of further weapons falling into the hands of terrorist groups.

Mr Speaker, I can inform the House that the United States, pending consultation with the United Nations, is convening a large military force with the intention of taking the fight to the Taliban in Pashtunistan. The United Kingdom will support movement against the Pakistani Taliban at the United Nations, and this House will be given the right to vote on whether Britain participates in direct combat operations in the area. 

Any such deployment of force inevitably requires a reappraisal of our existing military commitments in the Middle East. Already, we have had to divert troops from Afghanistan, and the situation on the ground places an increasing pressure on the government to consider near-complete withdrawal from Iraq. As ever, the House will be kept updated.

Mr Speaker, I will endeavour to answer any questions as best I can but I hope the House will appreciate that the situation remains highly fluid and information continues to be hard to come by.

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  Tim Martlew MP
Posted by: lokinash06 - 02-18-2020, 08:33 PM - Forum: New Players - Replies (3)

Name: Tim Martlew
Age: 48
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: white
Sexuality: straight
Avatar: Tim Farron

Education: Harraby Secondary Modern School (which later became North Cumbria Technology College before its merger into Richard Rose Central Academy) on [i]Edgehill Road[/i] and Carlisle College.
Career:He worked as a technician and personnel manager for Nestlé from 1962-87 at the powdered milk factory in Dalston. He was a Carlisle Borough Councillor from 1972 to 1974 and a County Councillor on Cumbria County Council from 1973 to 1988, was Chair from 1983 to 1985. He also served on the East Cumbria Health Authority from 1975 to 1988.
Parliamentary Career: N/A

Media Darling/Constituency Appeal/Socially Unaware

New Mp for Copeland

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  Bernard T. Stone
Posted by: Bernard T Stone - 02-18-2020, 03:45 PM - Forum: New Players - Replies (2)

Name: Bernard Thomas Stone
Age: 54
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Scottish
Sexuality: Bisexual
Avatar: Joseph Bech

Education: State secondary. No university. 
Career: Biscuit factory, union rep, MP for Carlisle since 2001.

Constituency Appeal
Finite Resources

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  JOIN OUR DISCORD - https://discord.gg/YXq5CQf
Posted by: Mac - 02-17-2020, 12:24 PM - Forum: The Tannoy - No Replies

JOIN OUR DISCORD - https://discord.gg/YXq5CQf

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