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MS: Renewable Energy Target
Mr Speaker,

Since coming into cabinet as Secretary of State for Environment, Infrastructure and Climate Change I have been working with the Prime Minister on a goal of renewable energy in the UK. We recognise we need to do more as a country and as part of the international community to tackle the threat to our climate and environment before we, as a species, do some irreversible damage.

We are now taking step to do that and I’m proud to announce to this house that we are. Our goal is to reach 35% of UK Electricity to be produced by renewable sources by 2020. This target is ambitious and show that this government is serious about taking action on the environment. To do this, we would need energy produced by renewable sources to go up by around 2.73% a year with the current levels of renewable energy being at 4.96%.

This Government is working to protect the environment and is the only party that can be trusted to take climate change seriously!
Labour MP for Glasgow Pollock (1997-2005)
Labour MP for Glasgow South West (2005-)

Constituency Appeal/Backbench Favourite/Media Unknown
Mr Speaker, I'm not quite sure if I should raise a Point of Order for the Right Honourable Gentleman wasting Parliamentary time. This speech is more grandstanding on the big ideas of the Labour Government, yet the Environment Secretary has failed to tell us exactly how they are going to do this. Surely he could have saved us all time by sticking to the press, after all he put more effort into his comments to the press than he has this House. A "Government of Action", or a "Government of Spin", Mr Speaker?

He says that he has been working with the Prime Minister on reaching their renewable energy goal of 35% of electricity in the UK to be produced by renewable sources by 2020. But how is this Government going to do that exactly, Mr Speaker? How are we going to see a 2.73% average increase a year? An all bark, no bite Government.

And I believe it speaks volumes when he talks of how we need to do something before we do "irreversible damage" - Mr Speaker, said damage has been done! Mr Speaker, I know the Environment Secretary may not agree with what I say, but I hold him accountable in this way because of the gravitas of the environmental crisis we face. Despite what I have said, I implore him to work together across the floor with the Opposition. We need to work together as a country - party to party, community to community, person to person, to fix what we have done, and prevent further damage.

Mr Speaker, the Conservative Party have highlighted policy that we feel will get the job done. Green Enterprise Zones that will use the Green Revolution to create jobs and wealth. Green Deals that will help people, and groups to pay for generating their own electricity and insulating their homes in a Green fashion. Offering a Green Deal to areas for microgeneration, that will help communities have the resources to reduce their footprint and go Green. And a commitment to an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050. Now that Mr Speaker, that is a plan, that is substance. And it sounds far better than me standing here, before you all today, talking about how my Right Honourable Friend, the Leader of the Opposition, and I have had a lovely chat about what we're are going to do - speech over. Especially giving the severity of the crisis we face.
Rt. Hon. Grant Kingston MP
Secretary of State for the Home Department (August 2008-Present)

Chairman of the Conservative Party (August 2008-Present)
Member for Weston-super-Mare (May 2005-Present)

Secretary of State for the Environment, Infrastructure, and Climate Change (August 2008-October 2008)
Mr Speaker,

The government implores us to think that only the Labour Party can take climate change seriously.

Mr Speaker, if that's the case, they should be able to answer this very simple question: what are the exact measures that the government is taking to put this target into practice? Certainly their budget contained no new announcements sufficient in forcing such a transition, and I do not think their infrastructure plans feature renewable energy promotion to the degree required.

So what is the actual TEETH behind this target?

And I would go one step further - make this target legally binding. Not just some wishy-washy goal. Enshrine it in legislation. As an internal signal to government departments to prioritise such actions, as an external signal to the private sector that they can invest in this area and be certain the government has their back, as a way of allowing people to challenge and scrutinise government decisions that run against this ministerial target.

If the culmination of the Secretary of State's work is a goal with no plan to reach that goal, then, simply put, he hasn't been working hard enough.
Grant Smith
Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West (2005-present)

Media Unknown, Constituency Appeal, Campaign Organiser, Fundraiser Extraordinaire 
Previously: Sir Lachlan Domnhall Coinneach Duncan MacMahon; Graham Adiputera; I think I played some dull Labour bloke at one point
I thank the Minister for his statement, the House shall now consider other matters.
The statement was a little short and a little lacking, it's nice to have a target but the manifesto was full of them, what will you actually do to get from here to there? We need to know and the Tories, led by Kingston, rake you over the hot coals for it. Then to make matters worse Sir Dunk comes in and, to coin a phrase, Dunks all over you. This statement doesn't just make a policy look bad, it makes people think you don't actually have one which, unfortunately, leaves you worse off than when you started. I'm going to call this a Tory win because they had more in their response, but the Lib Dems did well as well.

XP to Kingston.

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