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M-2: Gurkha Justice Campaign
Quote:That this House believes that the right to settle in the UK should be extended to all Gurkha veterans automatically, without additional requirements and cut-off dates. 

Mr Speaker,

I put forward this motion in the hope that this House can unite, on a cross-party basis, unites behind the Gurkha Justice Campaign. All Gurkha soldiers who fought for the UK should have the right to abode in this country. They have served this country, made sacrifices and taken risks, and they deserve to be treated as such. It is a simple matter of fairness, of reciprocity, of rewarding those who play such a vital role in keeping us safe. Under current law, only those Gurkha Brigade veterans who retired after 1997 have such a right - we need to extend this to all.
Sir Lachlan Domnhall Coinneach Duncan MacMahon
Liberal Democrat MP for Gordon (1983-present)
Liberal Democrat leader (2007-)

Fundraising Extraordinaire, Constituency Appeal, Campaign Organiser, Media Darling, Maverick 
Mr Speaker, Time will be allocated for division on this matter.
Mr Speaker,

I thank the Right Honourable Member for Gordon for bringing forward this motion, it is that we as a country and in this place need to do more to recognise those who have served our country who we may inadvertently forget the heroic actions of. This motion is a good first step and upon its passing will be acted upon in due course by the government. It is as he points out a matter of fairness, but also a matter of decency on our part that we do not take for granted the extraordinary service that the Gurkhas gave to our country and that we provide them with, what is the bare minimum no matter when they retired. I hope colleagues across this house will vote accordingly.

I rise today in support of the Right Honorable Gentlemen from Gordon's motion. And echo the words stated by the Prime Minister and indeed the leader of the Liberal Democrats himself, the Gurkha soldiers who fought alongside British troops and were more then willing to aide us during battles such as Dunkirk and holding off Axis Power advances in Asia. As such it is only right that we ought to allow them the ability to reside in this country and endow our thanks upon them by giving them the right to settle which is only the beginning of what we can do to show our gratitude for the sacrifices they made for us.
Padrig Havard MP Monmouth (2005-Present)
Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Traits: Media Darling, Campaign Guru, Maverick
Mr Speaker, I pray this motion be adopted by the unanimous consent of the House.
Labour MP for North East Debryshire (2001-)
Prime Minister (2008-)
Media Darling/Campaigining Guru/Maverick
yells out "HEAR HEAR"
Sir Clyde Brown
Conservative MP for Bosworth
Traits: Media Darling (+)/Campaigning Guru (+)/Finite Resources (-)
Motion adopted.
This is literally the same as the presser. Lib Dem win.

To put some more meat on the bone the Government win plaudits for committing the change the law and the PM wins personal popularity for seeing to this personally. Havard does alright as a cheerleader as well but the press really only care about Sir Dunk.

Lib Dem win, XP to Hunter and Pavard (no Brown you do not get XP for yelling "hear hear").

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