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Harry Newhurn
Name: Harry Newhurn
Age: 80
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Straight
Avatar: Berge Furre
Discord Username: chainsbroken

Education: Attended Belmont School for secondary education, dropped out at 17. 
Career: Coal Miner (1956-1965), Unemployed/Precarious Short-Term Labour (1965-1972), Organiser/Local Strategist National Union of Mineworkers (1972-1983)

Party: Labour 
Constituency: North Durham
Faction: Momentum 
Parliamentary Career: MP for North Durham (1983-Present). Career Backbencher/Leftist Hellraiser. Also-ran candidate for Labour Leader in 1994. Notable for his activism during the Miners Stike, opposition to the Iraq War, rebelling against the Blair Government on more votes than all but a few Labour MPs.

Constituency Appeal, Campaigning Guru, Maverick 

Short Bio:
Despite showing flashes of brightness in his youth, Harry Newhurn left school to work in the pits alongside his father at age 17. Anything further would have been absurd - his family barely scraped by even with the additional income his toil provided. However, unlike his father's generation, he did not spend his entire career extracting coal. This was not a choice - of course - as Harry, like countless others in the North East, was condemned to destitution following the closure of the source of his livelihood in 1965. The next few years were pervaded by economic desperation and personal alienation, as Harry's relocation to the city of Durham failed to secure steady work. Instead, he worked odd jobs in order to get by. The course of his life changed one evening in 1972 when he stumbled into an old mining comrade - now an official for the NUM. In part due to Harry's brightness, and in part from the solidarity forged in the pits - his friend offered him a job as an organiser, a post that Harry excelled in through the dark years of the 1970's. 

In 1983, upon the constituency's creation, Harry was selected as the Labour candidate for North Durham with the organisational aid of socialist groups and the left of the union movement, and ultimately won the constituency in the general election with a handsome majority. Harry was heavily involved in Labour's factional battles during the 80's and 90's, aligning strongly with Tony Benn and the Socialist Campaign Group. Newhurn's relationship with Labour's leadership during the Blair and Brown years was extremely contentious, as he was a vocal critic of the War on Terror and Iraq War as well as the party's general rightward New Labour pivot. Newhurn has been an extremely enthusiastic backer of the Corbyn project and was one of the few MPs to have nominated and campaigned for him in 2015 - and again proudly backed him in 2016. A self-described Bennite, Newhurn has been outspoken about his contempt for the European Union throughout his career and was vocal about his vote to leave the "wretched anti-worker, boss's institution" during the 2016 referendum. 
Harry Newhurn
Labour MP for North Durham (1983-Present)
Momentum. Constituency Appeal, Campaigning Guru, Maverick

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