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Saxon Leadership Launch - No Deal Preparations
Conservative Leadership Candidate Harold Saxon spoke to supporters at a rally in Stoke on Trent. At the rally Mr Saxon announced his plan for No Deal Preparations. 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is pleasure to be here tonight in Stoke on Trent.

Back in 2016, Stoke on Trent voted heavily to leave the European Union. You were part of a national effort to tell the Government at the time that you were tired of the European Union, tired of the fact the United Kingdom paid a colossal amount of funding to the EU every year, tired of unelected EU officials telling you what we could and could not do. Tired of being locked in. We said no more. 

The vote to leave the European Union meant one thing:

Taking Back Control

That is what we voted for, but as we approach almost three years since the United Kingdom voted to leave, we have seen dither and delay and we have been presented with a Deal that keeps us prisoner within the European Union. The current deal that is not acceptable to the people of this country.

So that leaves two options, we either renegotiate or we go for No Deal. The EU has said they are not prepared to renegotiate, but the European Union says a lot of things that aren’t true, they have been known to change their minds before. Let’s face it, my Deal as I have said before reduces the transition period and takes us out of the EU, the current deal in place leaves us under the jurisdiction of the ECJ during the transition period and likely thereafter.

However if the EU say no, it leaves us with No Deal. 

If we do go to a No deal, we must get this right. If we get this wrong we will be risking a defeat at the next general election round the corner and risking a Labour Government with a People's vote. We must be ready, we must get it right and we must deliver a Real Brexit.

Let me stress though that I would prefer a deal, my deal, not the one that is currently on the table which provides a fake Brexit. I am confident that my deal will be accepted by the European Union and by Parliament, as it works for both sides.

However, I will walk away If the European Union does not agree to my proposal, or if Parliament does not accept the deal.

To be completely clear, it is my way or the highway.

So tonight, I wanted to outline what No Deal Preparations will look like under my leadership, which will be actioned immediately as my first act as Prime Minister.

We now need to immediately Turbo Charge no deal preparations to ensure that if we do leave with No deal, it becomes a smooth transition rather than lengthy rocky periods of disruption.

Let me outline the steps a Saxon Government will take to prepare for a No Deal Brexit:

First, a new task force will be created called The No Deal Preparation Task Force (NDPTF). This will consist of Senior Government Officials and experts who will be planning for the event we leave the European Union without a deal in place. The NDPTF will meet seven days a week to provide strong focus towards no deal preparations.  The NDPTF will report to the Brexit Secretary and the Prime Minister. Measures that are recommended by the NDPTF and adopted by the Government will be presented to Parliament as well as the country via the Media on a regular basis.

Second, the Government will publish a No Deal Readiness Report by 31st May 2019 under my plan. That is 3 months before we leave the European Union. The report will be put together by the NDPTF and will be agreed within cabinet. This report will outline the Government’s position for No Deal Preparations, including but not limited to the Borders, Citizens rights, Energy and the Environment, Services, Industry, Public Services and Local Authorities, Northern Ireland, Devolved Administrations, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. It will also outline details around Security and the No Deal Operation. This document will outline the United Kingdom’s preparation for a No Deal Brexit. It will contain all the measures and all the requirements which will be needed to ensure we see a smooth transition outside of the EU.

Third, I can confirm tonight that if I become Prime Minister,  the Government I lead will commit an initial £3 billion to prepare for No Deal Preparations. I will not hesitate to allocate more if that is what is needed, there will be no financial limit. The money will be spent on a variety of measures, whether it’s ensuring we have the right transport infrastructure at ports, sufficient border force officers, measures to ease traffic congestion and to tackle queues caused by potential delays at the border or even enough medicines to ensure continued supplies. Part of the £3 billion will also fund a Business Support scheme to help prepare businesses for Brexit.

Now, my opponents will likely tell you all that this is an entire waste of money, but we must get this right which is why the initial funding is vital. If it comes to it, we will leave with No Deal under my leadership fully prepared.

Fourth, I can confirm that I will introduce a Public information campaign, “Getting ready for Brexit”. This will span across frequent Radio, TV and Internet adverts to ensure that you, the people of this country are getting the right information to prepare you as we leave the European Union. I will open discussions with broadcasters including the BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and others regarding Special 1-hour TV programmes on each broadcaster. Myself and members of my government will be on hand to appear and answer any questions these broadcasters may have on these shows.  Regular press conferences will also occur inside Downing Street to allow the media to ask questions and members of the Government will frequently update Parliament with events. 

Finally, the Government will launch an emergency budget within 3 weeks of the No Deal deadline. This will be a budget for No Deal preparations, to support the economy, businesses, workers, the self-employed, pensioners and all from every walk of life.

These are the measures that I will take if elected your Conservative Leader and Prime Minister.

I am the only candidate to have outlined a detailed plan on how to approach Brexit.

I am the only candidate to present an alternative Brexit deal that does not leave us locked in the EU after Brexit.

I am the only candidate to have outlined detailed No Deal preparations.

It is critical that as leadership candidates we are honest and transparent with you as this is your future, your children's future and our country's future.

So, at the ballot box vote for a leader who can deliver a true Brexit, not a fake one. A Brexit where the country can thrive through the right plan and the right approach, under my leadership. 

Deal, or no Deal.

Thank you.

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