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M7 - 2016 Summer Floods Inquiry

William Croft
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Madam Speaker,

I humbly submit this Motion for the House's consideration, and ask that the Government make time for it to be heard and debated:

That this House stands unified in our commitment to do right by those Britons impacted by the flash flooding that swept the nation, noting that it is Parliament’s responsibility to both provide the immediate resources those impacted need while also determining how such damage can be prevented in the future, and recognizing that future preparedness can only be achieved by understanding the mistakes of the past, this House urges the Government to order an independent review into the Government's response to the 2016 Summer Floods, the Prime Minister’s decision to call a COBRA meeting when she did, and what steps could have been taken in order tto improve Government response in the future. Further, this House recommends that this review include an open comment period in which those impacted by the floods would be permitted to contribute their experiences to ensure the review is reflective of those personally impacted.  


William Croft
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