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May 2016 Election Rules

1. Campaigning will take place by region. In areas where devolved bodies are being elected (Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, London), the campaigning will take place in the same threads and can be targeted to either the devolved bodies or the Senate, and will count towards both.

2. Each player will be allotted two mainstreets per day, which comprise both the canvassing and a leaflet. If no one in a party mainstreets in a region on one day, the party leader or their designee may post a leaflet in that region.

3. Each party will be allotted one major release for each main election - Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, London, and the Senate. This release may be a manifesto, a PPB, or a main rally with up to three speakers.

4. The Admins will attempt to have some sort of national event during the campaign period.

5. Each party will be allotted ten billboards - two for Scotland, two for Wales, two for Cornwall, two for London, and two for the Senate (nationally).

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