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[Sticky] How to get involved

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Discord and Forum

For this round, we will be dividing more activity between this forum and Discord. That does mean that Discord will be essential to play the game. This is a handy guide to what we do on the forum and what we do on Discord. This will be an evolving list – if you have any ideas let us know!


On the forum

On the forum, we will continue to:

  • Hold debates on legislation, Ministerial statements, and motions
  • Create and store characters
  • Vote
  • Press cycles
  • Elections
  • Newspapers
  • Party HQs (for whips) and whips offices
  • Rules, announcements etc.


On discord

On discord, we will now do the following:

  • Ask and respond to Ministerial questions
  • Civil service
  • Press conferences
  • Live events, such as question time and live PMQs
  • Twitter

We will introduce:

  • Micro-press events (“have you got a minute”)
  • Live Parliamentary debates for Opposition Day (as a trial)
  • Rolling news
  • Urgent questions or debates (for emergencies)

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