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[Closed] Recall of MPs Act 2013

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Debate reopen for 24 hours

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Mr Speaker,

Now that the amendments proposed by the Honourable Gentleman for Windsor have been rejected by this House I will reaffirm my support for this bill as it is currently written.

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Hear! Hear!

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Mr Speaker, 

I am proud to stand behind my Party Leader on this matter, who has taken a principled stand against the kind of party political sniping which is all too common on the Government Benches.

This well-intentioned attempt to enable constituents and the voting public to honestly assess the performance of their MPs throughout a Parliamentary Term is one which will encourage and incentivize active citizenship and consistent participation, encouraging those constituents who only start paying close attention when election time comes about to instead scrutinise their MPs from one election to the next.

With the toxic Tory amendment soundly rejected, I urge members across this House to support this proposal. 

Anthony "Tony" Brearley
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Order! The question is that the Bill be read for a third time. Division!

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