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Cardigan calls by-election in Montgomeryshire

Alex Cardigan
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Cardigan calls by-election in Montgomeryshire


Welshpool Town Hall


“Representing Montgomeryshire in parliament has been the greatest privilege of my political life. Being able to go to parliament, stand up, and speak on behalf of my community - there is nothing better than that.

"Despite this, and how much of an honour it has been to do this job, I find myself deeply uncomfortable with the some facets of our democracy.


“The fact that voting for a well-respected local community politician in Montgomery over a paper candidate can be grounds for expulsion from the Conservative Party is a symptom of a wider problem.


“Our politics is becoming increasingly extreme. The rise of UKIP is not being satiated by Tory concessions, and we appear to be set for some time without majority government. It is my mission to try and at least provide some sort of voice for the moderate majority of voters.


“I have decided to resign from the Conservative Party permanently, instead of fight my suspension. They are far gone, and the moderate caucus grows smaller - and quieter - by the day.


“Sadly, for the great moderate majority of voters both here in Montgomeryshire and across Britain, the choice of representation remains all too limited. That is not to say that there is not hope.


“I acknowledge that in 2014, as in 2010, I was elected as a Conservative. It would be unfair on the people of Montgomeryshire for me to continue to serve under a different banner without any mandate to do so.


“Accordingly, I have decided to resign my seat, and intend to run as an Independent Liberal, Rhyddfrydol Annibynnol, candidate in the by-election that will follow.


“Montgomeryshire has always been a seat that has bucked political trends. Standing by the old Liberal Party throughout it’s toughest times, there is a real belief in moderation, in compromise and most of all, in community.


“This is an opportunity to once again buck political trends. At a time when the Conservatives are becoming more eurosceptic by the way, UKIP are growing, and the far-left is becoming aware of a window of opportunity.


“I want to use this by-election to prove that at least in our little corner of Wales, extremism is roundly rejected. I want to win here, win big, and return to parliament with a mandate based on compromise, community, and moderation.


“I’ve been incredibly proud to represent Montgomeryshire these past four years. I’d be even prouder if I could do so without being tainted by the colour of my rosette. Diolch yn fawr iawn!”

Alex Cardigan
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You know, I'm going to get it out there and say most politicos don't really buy your premise - politics is political and political parties are tribal? Welcome to the UK and its political system, really. If you're disgruntled by that it's strange you were ever in one of the big two (and even Lib Dems have their tribal streak - ask the 7-9% that stick around nowadays). As a party candidate, you're expected to not endorse other parties or rival candidates: that's not the case now, but it wasn't the case twenty or thirty years ago either. Your better defence is that an independent was really your only choice. Also, with the GBC weakened, I don't think people buy that there's been a hard right takeover of the Tory Party - even more centrist or left wing minded people can acknowledge most, though not all, of Dylan Macmillan's ShadCab members and policies are fairly middle of the road.

With that said, Cardigan does come across with an authenticity and a sense of principle most of the British public - even those who disagree with him - can appreciate, and who doesn't love a maverick? Is that enough to win the by-election though? I guess we'll see.