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Press Cycle 12 - European and Local Election Results

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"What do you make of the European and Local election results and what do they mean for the country and the EU?"

Press Cycle will close at 23:59 on the 10th.

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Again the Liberal Democrats have defied the naysayers and the fatalists and have exceeded expectations. This was always going to be a difficult election for us, but we have successfully handled the transition from a party of protest to a party of power. Our brilliant candidates and hardworking activists, both those who succeeded and those who fell short, have proven that the Liberal Democrat messages of community politics and international cooperation are here to stay. 

Graham Adiputera (Lib Dem - Sutton and Cheam)
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  • I would like to congratulate all the elected Labour candidates and thank all those who worked on a successful campaign for the Labour party. As long as Labour continues to be bold and radical at a local,regional, national and international level, in and out of government fighting for our values of solidarity, tolerance and respect we will continue to grow as a party and win back the trust of the electorate.

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The Conservatives have defied it's critics to beat UKIP in the Euroepean Elections, and I believe wholeheartedly that UKIP are a spent force. People are seeing them for what they are, and now their terrible record is under scrutiny.

Ours is an opportunity to reform the EU from within; our positive contribution makes a bigger difference, and shows the UK as a reformist leader, whilst UKIP behave like petulant children, whilst still happy to take million of pounds in salary and expenses. 

I'm very grateful to everyone who supported their local Conservative candidate for councils up and down the country. I am positive they will work hard to continue to deliver value for money, lower taxes, and a quality service from which you all expect from a local authority.

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I would like to personally thank all Conservative candidates for the local and European elections and I would like to add my voice to the chorus congratulating the winners from all parties. The last few months have been difficult for the entire party but encouraging results such as the General Election where we recovered to deny Labour a majority and these European elections where we were able to retain second place despite the predictions seeing us drop lower show that we are on the correct path to recovery.

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William Croft
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Although I would have liked to see somewhat stronger results on election night, I could not be more proud of the campaign the Conservative Party ran both in the European Parliament elections and the local elections. 

Our strong and rapid recovery in the polls makes one thing very clear: in Brussels and in Britain, the Conservative Party has proven to be the only political force with a real vision for our country's future and an actual ability to execute that vision.  As the second highest performing party in the European Parliament elections, the British people have sent the message that they know only the Conservative Party can deliver on their demands for a reformed European Union and an in/out referendum on our membership. During the local elections campaign, while Labour and the Liberal Democrats spent their time hurling insults, the Conservative Party introduced innovative policy proposals aimed empowering local government, increasing transparency, and continuing to cut costs and keep taxes low as Conservative Councils have done for the past four years. 

This election cycle has repositioned the Conservative Party as the party of real ideas and commonsense solutions for the challenges we face, and has proven to the British people that we are a credible alternative to the coalition government. Thank you to all of our volunteers who worked tirelessly during this elections cycle; the progress we've made is because of you, and the momentum we now have is a result of your hard work. 

William Croft
Member of Parliament for Bracknell
Shadow Foreign Secretary
Chairman of the Conservative Party
Chief Whip of the Conservative party

Margot Winter
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It was undoubtedly a night of great promise and hope for a party of actual, bold and necessary change such as UKIP, and a tough night for old politics. We achieved our best electoral results ever and obtained an even greater share of the vote that during the General Election, making large gains in councilors and MEP’s and ensuring UKIP will have more representatives in local councils that will fight for common sense politics and policies, and more representatives in the European Parliament so we can carry on with our duty to stand against European integration and the sale of our sovereignty to an unelected bureaucracy by our pro-EU political establishment. I have no doubt UKIP can go even further as it proves to be a winning, bold force for change, and the frantic suggestions to the contrary we’ve seen from others can only be read as a clear sign of their despair.


It’s perhaps so usual for career politicians to always claim victory regardless of the actual results that they may be used to it, but the attitude of delusion coming from the Conservatives or even the Liberal Democrats is quite the sight to behold. Only for the Lib Dems it would be a successful transition to lose dozens of councilors, and only for the Conservatives it would be a triumph to face a major drop in councilors, in MEP’s, in votes and prove so thoroughly unable to properly fight a government so reckless and so keen to go down the path of European integration whilst denying the public a real vote. UKIP is an insurgent force, and not only we’re here to stay, we’re here to deliver real and meaningful change.

Margot Winter MP
Member of Parliament for Thurrock (2014 - Present)

Sylviane Jaubert
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Labour has won the Local elections and European elections. Our record and our values have clearly resonated with British people on local level, European level and in national elections as well. Labour is leading this country to prosperity and safety. British people have clearly seen that and liked what they have seen.

Sylviane Jaubert MP
MP for Cynon Valley

Formerly as The Rt Hon Ariadne "Ari" Suchet MP
Former Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party

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Press cycle closed.

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Sorry, I'm sleepy and want this out the day.

Verdict: Minor Conservative victory.

TL;DR with election results expectation management is important. I think the Tories managed this best, despite the results not being amazing there not being annihilation and not being by UKIP makes them look decent.

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