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Resignation as Prime Minister

Sylviane Jaubert
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Ever since I was elected as Leader of the Labour Party and as the Prime Minister, I have worked to make the United Kingdom a country that works for everyone, one that works for the forgotten people of the United Kingdom and we have made great progress on that front. We are investing tremendous amounts of money into social programs benefiting the forgotten people in our country. We are finally investing in our social care in a proper way, we have already invested a significant in our NHS, hiring 1500 doctors, 2 thousand nurses, 1 thousand support staff for our primary care system. 4 thousand doctors, 2 thousand emergency staff, 12 thousand nurses, 5 thousand support staff, 4500 beds in our NHS hospitals. 1.25 billion in our community mental healthcare, 1.4 billion in our social care system. We have reduced the tuition fees to 5.500 and it will be eliminated by the end of this parliament, while protecting our university funding. We have hired 20000 new police officers to our streets. We have increased our foreign aid spending by 1.4 billion. Almost 2 thousand new teachers, 1 thousand teaching assistants, 1.5 billion in pupil premium spending and 6 billion in total education spending increase, excluding tuition fees. 25 hours of free nursery education. We have introduced many new environmental taxes and increased already existing ones, and we have invested these increases and more on green transport, housing, energy and more. We have made sure those who have lost their documents over the years related to immigration has a sanctuary and won’t be deported, we made sure to give work permits to those who seek asylum in our country so that they can support themselves and their families. We are accepting 250 thousand refugees to our country. This is just part of my government’s achievements since April 2014. That said we had also some shortcomings in our government, mostly related about how we managed our public relations and the first budget roll out. While I do think our policy achievements are what matters the most, when a government fails to explain what it is doing, there is a problem in that. I can clearly admit that I have failed the Labour movement and more importantly I have failed our country when it comes to explaining our decisions and policies. A Government is not just about implementing policies, it is also about explaining these policies and what it is about. I believe it will be best for our country that we find someone who can explain our policies much better than I did and that is why today, I am announcing that I will be resigning as Leader of the Labour Party in January 2016 and will resign as Prime Minister and as an MP when a successor for my position is elected.


As the first female Labour leader and third female prime minister of this country, I’d like to address young girls in this country, I have entered parliamentary politics in 2010 and I have become prime minister in 4 years, if you believe in yourself and work hard you can become anything you want. Our country deserves more female Prime Minister and the Labour movement deserves more female leaders, I hope the Labour movement will choose to continue what I have started and will empower more women in politics.

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So the PM resigns, she highlights what has been achieved under her time as leader. Supporters of Suchet will no doubt be in tears, critics will be hosting a party down the Rose and Crown Pub, whilst others plot their moves to succeed her. Nice farewell speech.


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