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Each campaign gets two. 

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PPB 1: The ticking clock


There’s a rose on the screen in front of a ticking clock, as the clock ticks on the rose begins to wilt


Can you hear that? The ticking? Each tick is only a second, the blink of an eye, what harm could that cause? Well as it turns out one second can cause quite a lot of harm, just ask the Labour Party.


Clock keeps ticking, rose keeps wilting


When Labour left office the deficit was so high that every time this clock ticked they added £5000 to the national debt, that’s over four hundred million pounds a day, and one hundred and fifty billion pounds a year.


Clock keeps ticking, the rose looks pretty dead by now


But what if we just stopped?


The clock stops ticking, the rose stops wilting


When the Conservative Party entered into Government as a part of the coalition we made a vow to the British people, we would take whatever difficult decisions we had to to ensure that the deficit would fall and to ensure that the United Kingdom would pay her own way. We have spent the last four years quite literally turning back the clock on the economic damage that Labour’s deficit has done to our country.


The clock starts to wind backwards, the flower starts to pick up


The Conservative Party have cut the deficit by a third since we took office and we pledge to eliminate the whole thing by 2018. The Conservative Party are the party of economic competence and the long term economic plan which will see the deficit erased, taxes lowered, and key public services protected.


Rose picks up some more, the clock spins back more rapidly


Over the last four years the Conservatives shepherded in an economy that is now the second fastest growing in the G8, where real wages are growing for the first time since before the Great Recession, and where inflation is back at normal economic levels. That means that when we cut taxes, when you get a pay rise, and when you set up a business, the economy is working for you not against you.


The rose looks about as good as it did at the start of the broadcast

If you want a strong economy and a strong nation that pays its own way, if you want an economy that works for you, and if you want to start paying down a national debt that eats more money than we give to hospitals, the military, or the police force, then you have to vote for it. Keep Britain on track, vote Conservative

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PPB 1: Fixing our broken politics


Screen fades from black and the camera begins to zoom out, as it zooms out it reveals a scene of two people pointing and shouting at each other.


Narrator: Politics is broken.


Camera continues to zoom outwards to fully reveal the two people, the man on the right is wearing a blue shirt and the woman on the left is wearing a red shirt. Their pointing and shouting becomes more animated.


Narrator: For years this has been the only option for Britain. The same argument repeated over and over again with no change in sight.


Camera zooms out to full and behind the arguing man and woman are countless more, dressed in blue on the right and dressed in red on the left, all pointing and shouting.


Narrator: We want this to change. We want a new politics.


Scene cuts to men and women wearing yellow sat around a oval table calmly discussing ideas.


Narrator: We want politicians to work together to tackle the problems we face as a country, the Housing crisis, the NHS at breaking point and education system not working for all children.


Scene cuts to Graham Adiputera.


Graham: The Liberal Democrats in Government have provided the leadership to bring our country back from the brink of economic uncertainty, but there is so much more to be done. 


Scene cuts to construction workers building a house.


MHC: We want to make it easier for houses to be built, by empowering local authorities and providing incentives when we deliver new builds


Scene cuts to MHC in a primary school class room sat with young students.


MHC: We delivered the pupil premium providing more money for children to learn, and we will expand it delivering more money for our schools.


Scene cuts to MHC talking to people on the street, all smiling and happy.


Narrator: The Liberal Democrats are committed to a secure future for Britain, where Britain works for everyone.


Scene cuts to MHC.


MHC: On election day we need your support to deliver the future we all want for Britain. Vote to secure Britain’s future. Vote Liberal Democrat.


Scene fades to black with Lib Dem name and logo and date of the election.

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PPB 2: Keeping Britain On Track

Establishing shot of a dilapidated building beside a railway line. A train rumbles past. Cut to inside the building. It's very dark. A vague shape is visible through the gloom. A light-switch clicks from somewhere off-camera. Florescent tube lights flicker on from the ceiling, revealing the shape to be a large steam locomotive. It's red with rust. Some parts are broken or missing, and what paint it has is peeling badly.


Voice-over: In 2010, the United Kingdom was suffering from the effects of the financial crisis. Britain fell into recession. 2.7 million people were unemployed. Inflation rose to levels not seen for 15 years. Hundreds of thousands of people saw their home repossessed. Wage growth crashed.


Workmen enter the shot, wearing overalls and hi-viz jackets. They replace parts and scrape away the rust. A time-lapse speeds us through their work.


VO: Thanks to the hard work of the British people, and the tough decisions taken by the Conservative Government, Britain's economy is getting back into shape.


Cut to outside, a station on a heritage railway line. Our steam locomotive is waiting at the platform, mended and rust-less, and resplendent in a new coat of blue paint. The paint job is trimmed with lines of white and red that meet and form a Union Jack on each side of the cab. The train, pulling a couple of carriages, begins to puff smoke and pulls out of the station. The camera follows it along the tracks as it gathers speed.


VO: Public services like the NHS and schools have been protected, receiving budget increases that have allowed them to keep improving their service even during these difficult times. The Pensions Triple Lock has ensured that the people who have worked hard and paid into the system all their lives receive a fair pension as a result. And increases to the Personal Allowance mean that you get to keep more of what you earned, taking millions out of having to pay Income Tax altogether.


Now, the Conservatives ask that you return them to government so that they can continue the work of repairing the nation's finances, growing the economy and reforming our public services. The Conservatives' long-term economic plan will eliminate the budget deficit by 2018. Public services can only get the investment they need to keep improving if live within our means and don't spend more than we earn as a country.


Cut to inside a nursing home. The residents are chatting and laughing, knitting or playing games. Our train is visible in the distance through the window.


VO: Our long-term economic plan means we can afford to promise to continue with the Pensions Triple Lock. Older people should never again have to suffer the indignity of the tiny raises in the state pension given by Labour.


Cut back to our steam train, with the camera now showing the view from the footplate. As the train passes a hospital, the camera pans to keep the hospital in view.


VO: The Conservatives will make a £10bn investment in our NHS. No other party is pledging so much investment. The Conservatives recognise that no-one becomes ill on a schedule, so they'll use that money to turn the NHS into a truly 24/7 service. They understand too, that immigration brings pressure on local services. They'll reduce immigrations to the tens of thousands, and implement a points based system to ensure that the people who come to Britain bring the sort of skills and knowledge that our economy needs.


The camera arcs away to show our train as it disappears into a tunnel. Cut abruptly to the mouth of the Channel Tunnel as a Eurostar train bursts out of it. The camera turns and follows it through the Kent countryside.


VO: Britain's deal with the European Union isn't working in its current form. The Conservatives will work with Britain's partners throughout the EU to try and find a better deal for both Britain and the EU. However those reforms of the EU go, the Conservatives will guarantee an In/Out referendum on EU membership within the next five years. It's long overdue that the British people have their say on the matter. The Conservatives are the only party who can promise this. Labour and the Liberal Democrats are too scared to ask and Ukip cannot win.


Cut to the Eurostar arriving in St Pancras. We follow passengers in a time-lapse as they go down into the Tube station and board a new S-Stock Metropolitan Line train. We see shots of various passengers as the Tube travels along.


VO: Zero hours contracts offer much, particularly in terms of their flexibility for workers who are looking for that. But that doesn't mean they are without fault. Exclusivity clauses defeat the entire purpose of these flexible contracts, and lock workers in. The Conservatives will ban these exploitative exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts.


The Tube train is above ground now, and passing some new-build flats.


VO: The Conservatives understand how difficult it can be to get onto the housing ladder these days, especially for young people. To fix this, they will build more houses, and want to see 200,000 new homes built each year. They will also make it easier to buy, extending the Help To Buy scheme until at least 2020, and helping people to save for a deposit. They will also extend the Right To Buy scheme to cover housing associations as well as council houses. Increasing both the number of houses and the ease of buying are key to getting people into a home of their own.


The Tube train passes over a bridge. We drift down to focus on businesses operating in the arch space.


VO: Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. From the local village butcher, to the corner-shop where you buy your milk - these are the shops that employ millions, and offer the most to Britain and to local people. The Conservatives will support them by cutting the small business rate of corporation tax.


Cut to view of wide, open, Scottish countryside. A scattering of houses and little villages can be seen. Our steam train is chugging away in the far distance, looking a little bit like the start of Thomas the Tank Engine.


VO: In an ever more interconnected world, it should be a priority of any government to make sure that no person in this country is left behind by the technological revolution. The Conservatives will guarantee universal broadband in all regions of the UK, so that everyone can benefit from the advances of technology.


We follow our train as it passes the naval base at Faslane


VO: The Conservatives will retain and update our Trident nuclear submarine programme. It is vital to the security of Britain, and the long term protection of British sovereignty. The Conservatives are the only party making such a clear and unequivocal commitment to our Trident nuclear deterrent, and its eventual replacement system, keeping Britain safe.


Our steam train arrives Glasgow Queens Street station, with signage clearly visible to identify it as such.


VO: The Conservatives will campaign for Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom, stronger together within our family of nations. They will devolve further powers to Holyrood, and to the Senedd in Wales, such as powers over their own elections and the power to alter the rates of Corporation Tax. This will strengthen the bodies and make them more accountable to the people they represent.


Cut to our train steaming along a straight piece of railway through some idyllic piece of countryside. We hang in the air as we watch it head into the distance.


VO: This election is a once in a lifetime chance to choose the future of this country. To continue to chart a course with a long-term economic plan and the path to prosperity, or return to the failed leadership and policies of the financial crisis. The Conservatives know the value of your hard-earned money, that we cannot afford to waste it. That is why we are continuing our long-term economic plan to see the deficit erased by 2018, and to create as efficient an economy as possible. We promise to freeze VAT, National Insurance and Income Tax, whilst raising the Personal Allowance above the minimum wage, so that the poorest in our society get a tax cut. On top of this, we have pledge to protect key areas like health, schools and the Armed Forces. This is the party that has brought Britain out of the financial crisis. This is the party Keeping Britain On Track.


On those final four words, the following appears in the centre of the screen in blue text:

Keeping Britain On Track

Vote Conservative on April 10th


The background fades to white, leaving just the blue text against the white background

Fade to black

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PPB 2: The direct approach

Cameras pan across a beautifully designed kitchen to MHC sat in her kitchen. 

Image result for kate mulgrew home window

MHC: Hello, my name is Meredith Hansen-Charles and I am the leader of the Liberal Democrats. 


This election has seen politicians of every stripe and persuasion talk about how they want to change the country for the better but we always forget to speak to you directly. We are so used to the arguing and disagreeing we forget that real life is not like the House of Commons at all, real life is not a group of people shouting at each other half of the time and stabbing each other in their back the other half. It just proves to me that politics in our country is broken, some might say beyond repair but I believe that we can repair our politics and broken trust we all have from the British people.


I fully accept my party’s share of the blame. Four years ago we did what many have criticised and many have thought was a betrayal, I understand why you might think that, there were many decisions taken over the past four years that were painful to take but we made them because we thought they were the right course of action to take to steady the economy, and now that our economy is stronger I believe that we can change the course and reverse some of the harsher cuts we implemented, such as the bedroom tax.


When most people think of the Liberal Democrats they will think of tuition fees, and I don’t blame the anger towards us. We broke our promise to you, which was doubly worse coming from us considering how much emphasis on reforming our broken political system. When people speak to me about this issue and others I say that we have learnt a lot from Government and we have learnt that our words have to mean something if we are to be trusted. The trust that we have lost is hard to win back, but I am committed to earning it back. I am committed to regaining the trust.


Scene changes to MHC sat her breakfast table 

Image result for kate mulgrew home

MHC: What I want to see for our country’s future is a country where everyone has the chance to succeed, where each child has access to a good education, where we can choose our GP, where we have clean energy and clean air, where we have an economy that works in the interests of everyone not the rich and powerful.


The manifesto we released this election was crafted carefully, to ensure that every policy is costed, that every policy is achievable and that every policy has a clear intention to make life better for everyone, such as our expanded Pupil Premium, our £6 billion investment into the NHS, increased community policing and true reform to our political system.


Scene changes to MHC sat on her sofa, it looks very inviting.

Related image

MHC: We have a long way to go, but together I am confident that we can achieve greatness for our country. Together we can secure Britain’s future as a forward looking, open and tolerant place to live. I hope you’ll join us on election day.


Thank you.


Scene pans away to revel the Lib Dem logo and voting information.

Meredith Hansen-Charles
Secretary of State for Education
Minister for Women and Equalities

"Meredith a deity" - Kandler/The Times

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Party Election Radio Broadcast

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