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Born in 1978 in Toxteth, Stewart Greene's family soon moved across the Mersey to Birkenhead where his father worked as a mechanic and his mother a barmaid in the Angler pub. His father Andrew, while not party political was strongly involved in the trade union movement, something that proved a major influence on Stewart.

Educated at the respected Wirral Grammar School for Boys, Greene then went on to the University of Manchester to study History in 1996. Achieving a 2:1, he began working towards becoming a History teacher. It was in early 2001, having already become deeply involved in the NUT, that Greene joined the Labour Party and shortly after took up a role in the TUC's policy unit.

Rising quickly, he eventually moved to become a Labour Party 'policy wonk' in 2005. He wrote several reports on the social impact of economic policies that got him noticed by people at the Treasury, leading him to slowly enter the Chancellor's circle.

Though considered talented, Greene was very much a minor figure in the Government. He was in a rare instance mentioned by name in the Daily Telegraph in 2009,  albeit as a "Brownite apparatchik".

In 2010, Frank Field announced he would step down as MP for Birkenhead at the coming election. Greene was soon accepted as Labour's next candidate by the local CLP. Not only was Birkenhead his hometown but he had the backing of the TUC and the unspoken approval of Number 10.

Despite his Brownite ties, Greene has at times desribed himself as a "mutualist", writing and speaking in support of the social market model, favouring employee ownership schemes over redistributive taxes. He has also advocated for serious devolution of state power to nations, regions and councils, and for a Post Office national credit union as an alternative to commercial banks in the wake of the Great Recession.

Stewart Greene is in a long-term relationship with Diane Lawal, a university lecturer. He is a Liverpool FC supporter and his favourite band is the Stone Roses. He is an amateur historian, having written two books, Liverpool & the Labour Party 1900-1997 (2008) and Forward March! (2012) an account of the left-libertarian Common Wealth Party of the 1940s. Despite mostly positive reviews both garnered only a small audience.

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