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2014 General Election Rules

Campaigning will last for four days: Saturday 16 March to Tuesday 19 March. Each campaigning day lasts from midnight-to-midnight, UK time.

Campaigning takes place in three forms: the National campaign, the targeted campaign, and the live campaign. The National Campaign and the live campaign affect the overall vote share each party receives. The targeted campaign affects each party’s performance in key constituencies.

National Campaign - Forum

Party Political Broadcast – 2 during the campaign – FREE
These are blocks of 5 minutes of free television airtime given out to each party. Each party can make two PPBs. We recommend using one near the start of the campaign and one near the end. You should provide a script detailing what is being said and what images are being shown. Celebrities may only be used if pre-approved by the A-Team.

High Profile Events – 1 per day – FREE
These events will have significant press exposure, and will be seen on the news by many voters. Use them to highlight a particular policy area, show off the problems with your opponents, or launch your manifesto. You may make one of these events per day. Each should feature one or two senior members of the party (i.e. player characters). HPEs are more effective when focused on one issue. You should provide a speech of at least a few paragraphs.

Manifesto – only needed once – FREE
The party's platform of election promises should be placed in the Manifesto thread. Revealing it early on will allow you to reference back to it during the campaign. The public will take a very dim view if a party doesn't have one. You should provide, as a minimum, a bullet point list of promises in each policy area.

Billboards – £400,000
Big signs up around the region with your message on. Good for simple, clear messages. Don't use lots of text. You should provide either the text of the sign along with a description of how it looks, or a image of the poster/leaflet.

Leaflets – £300,000

Leaflets that are mailed out by the party or put through doors by willing volunteers. Two sides max. Can have more info on than a billboard, but they aren’t essays.

Local Campaign - Forum

Target seats 
Every party should nominate five seats to target. We will then use that to judge what seats you would be targetting in total - i.e. how you campaign in these five will be a proxy for how you are campaigning across a broader range of seats, but this will determine where your party's regional, tactical, and demographic focus is considered to be. You may make a maximum of five changes to your targets in the campaign.

All campaign events should be posted in a specific constituency, but they will affect more seats than just that constituency.

Leaflet/billboard – £10,000 per constitutency
Same as above, but do not just rehash (it will have no effect). It would need to say something local (saying [constituency name] is fine).

Visit (with speech, mainstreeting, or canvassing) – £5,000 per constituency
This can be as specific and inventive as you like (within reason). But you must provide a few bullets of text that describe a stump speech you give, lines that you would say when canvassing or mainstreeting.

Live campaign - Discord

Journalists inbox
This is press statements you email out – basically a press cycle on discord for the election

Press conferences
Each party gets a daily press conference. This should have a short statement, where you may want to set out the theme or focus for the day or set out a new policy, followed by questions.

We will be in touch to arrange 2-3 debates

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A few other points

  • You don't need to be great at photoshop. Descriptions or bad photoshop are both fine.
  • Basically you can be creative as long as what you're visiting or doing is realistic.
  • You may want to use a high profile event to launch your manifesto. Just an idea.
  • You can use NPCs with our permission, including writing them a short speech or paragraphs from a speech.
  • If you write too much text on a billboard, you will cause a car crash.

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