Politics Canada

A simulation of Canadian parliament and politics.

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  • Out of Character
  • Announcements and Rules
    Where you will hear from the administrators.
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  • New Players
    New to Politics Canada? Start here and sign in.
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  • Game Library
    All of the information that you need to "get into it."
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  • The Media
  • The CBC
    Canada's news organization of record, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, has existed for almost as long as the country itself. Modelled after the British BBC, this government organization will provide you with factual news on all of the biggest events.
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  • News Agents
    Here you will find a selection of various regional and ideological publications which, while still technically reporting on the news, love to have their little spin.
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  • Press Office
    Issue press releases to your people, tell them why you're the best and the other guy is the worst. You may also, from time to time, be required to face down the press scrum.
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  • Parliament Hill
  • Speaker's Chair
    "Order, order. The Member for..."

    The current speaker is Peter Milliken.
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  • Question Period
    The most-watched part of the parliamentary schedule is Question Period, where all members of the House have the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with a government Minister, embarrass them, and then exploit it to the press. Just be sure they don't embarrass you instead.
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  • Legislating
    Here is where the laws of the land are introduced, debated, and passed.
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  • Parties

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