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Sir Dylan Macmillan
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Conservative MP
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West Central

Post by Sir Dylan Macmillan »

Result last election:

Con - 44
Lab - 35
Grn - 9
Lib - 7
UKIP - 5
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Ashton Edwards
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Re: West Central

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WEST CENTRAL - Ashton Edwards

Ashton Edwards, MP for Kensington, visited his home constituency in West Central; a mix of affluent Tory neighborhoods and diverse, working-class Labour neighborhoods. He toured the area and talked about addressing crime and the unique ability of Labour candidate John McDonnell to bring about change to policing and crime in the city, coupled with national Labour programme priorities.

“One of the issues that keeps cropping up again and again is crime- and how London is apparently such a bad example that it needs to be hit on again and again. The response we’ve seen nationally is tepid at best: it’s more of the same, hoping that problems will magically go away. And if they won’t, then the response is to find someone else to blame.

“I’ve lived in Kensington for years now, and I know it’s not the thug-filled neighborhood that some want to make it out to be. I recognize, though, that there are concerns in Kensington, along with the rest of London, about what can be done to tackle violent crime, to make our communities safer, and to make it so that those who do commit crimes aren’t going back to prison as reoffenders.

“That’s why I’m glad to be here, campaigning with Labour candidates for the London Assembly and for John McDonnell to be the next Mayor of London. Because what we need isn’t just more of the same- more police, more prisons, and checking the ‘job done’ box on the national to-do list. What we need is a strategy to look at crime and its causes, working to address them all so that we have less violent crimes for police to respond to.

“Of course nationally, we’ll be making sure there are resources that make up for years of cuts to the police forces in London. But I know that John McDonnell and Labour candidates for the London Assembly are ready to lead as well by adopting a new approach to crime, bringing in voices from across the Greater London community to solve crimes before they start. Nationally, we’ve talked about Violence Reduction Units, programs that are implemented at the local level to address poverty, to address mental health issues, to address other needs that, when addressed, keep people from resorting to crime. Locally, it’s John McDonnell and Labour candidate for the London Assembly that will bring this unit to London, making sure that it can work for the betterment- and the safety- of all London.

“Nationally, Labour is going to make sure communities have the financial resources they need to hire more police and retain them. Locally, Labour- with the help of a Mayor John McDonnell- will implement plans that bring resources together with the focus of reducing crime.

“An individual who is mentally ill, an individual who is homeless, an individual who does not know where they can access economic and social support due to them can very much act in a way that we might consider anti-social. They may very well lash out into crime: minor ones at first, ones that go unreported at first, but then it escalates into larger crimes.

“Now imagine instead where you have these concerns, but instead of police being the only line of defence, they have a collaborative effort in place with housing advocates. With those that can assist in scheduling medical appointments. With those that have an understanding in identifying mental health issues and their treatment.

“These various groups will work together to come up with a plan on how they will engage communities on policing as a part of their duties- and make sure that the public is aware of these plans and can provide input on them.

“THIS is the kind of leadership that John McDonnell will bring to London. Not just hoping that there’s an end to the decade of police cuts, but taking an active role in addressing crime.

“This leadership has been proven to work- where a similar program was rolled out in Glasgow, crimes were cut in half, less weapons were being carried, and people reported that they felt safer and safer. For a community like Kensington, this means safer streets where you can be confident going out. Not because there might just be a few police officers that walk past you, but because there has been meaningful efforts to address crime before it happens rather than after the fact.

“We have to judge the effectiveness of fighting crime not on the number of police and the number of arrests, but the absence of crime. Only John McDonnell has a plan to get us to where we need to be- saving lives by preventing crime rather than hoping someone fights it for him. He’s the right candidate for Mayor, and I’m glad to support him in this fight.”
Ashton Edwards MP
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Shadow Health, Education and Social Care Secretary (2019-2020)
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Grant Kingston
Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury
Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury
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Re: West Central

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Justine Greening and local candidates were in West Central London, together with the Prime Minister, and Conservative Party Leader, Grant Kingston, to speak to constituents. They brought with them leaflets to be handed out.

World Class Social Services - “Britain has long led the way when it comes to social services and when people look to Britain, they inevitably look to London. While the last few years have been difficult, the financial constraints of the 2008-recession are finally beyond us, and we can start to invest once again to ensure that our NHS and Education systems are the cream of the crop. Sadly, West Central London has been left behind by two successive Labour governments, and our LEA ranks well behind the national average. Justine will not only invest in education across London, but she will work hard to ensure that the national government takes the necessary steps to ensure places just like West Central London are given the service they expect.”

Community and Localism - “West Central London is a perfect example of the kind of community spirit and localism that the Conservative Party believes in so strongly. That’s why, in 2010, the national Conservative government selected it as one of the four ‘vanguard areas’ for the roll out of the Big Society initiative. As part of this initiative, West Central London was given additional assistance and resources to make sure that all the things we love about it were strengthened and deepened. Justine will take the example of West Central London and apply it broadly across London, to create a more democratic, community-focused city.”

Promoting Equality - “As a national minister, Justine found every opportunity to promote equality and the empowerment of young women. She will take that same attitude and spirit with her to City Hall, and ensure that every opportunity is made available to the extraordinary women who make London so special. Whether it is by hosting all-women’s panel discussions on hot-topic issues, or creating legislative and administrative changes, Justine will prioritize women-specific issues and never stop fighting against sexism, and practices discriminatory toward women. It is only by rooting out inherent prejudices and social biases that we can form cohesive societies.”

Keeping You Connected - “Whether it is to get to work or to experience the vibrant culture of Britain’s capital, public transit is massively important for Londoners. Justine and her team will begin the process to keep the underground running 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will ensure that you can stay connected by having a 4G and 5G connection on all tube platforms.”

They will hand out pamphlets, offering the voter more information on the candidate’s platform and directing them to a website with biographical details and policy priorities.

The Pamphlet

On the front is a picture of Justine Greening with the local candidate. A title reads “All of London’s Communities Matter” and a subtitle reads “Justine Greening for Mayor of London.” On the back of the pamphlet, is written the following:

Justine Greening and [Local Candidate] will fight hard for West Central London. Together, we can achieve a better London for ALL of its inhabitants by…
  • Building 200 new homes across London with various values, and various target markets.
  • Investing in London’s schools and healthcare facilities to restore its position as the best city in the world to live.
  • Keeping our streets safe by investing in the police services, crime prevention programmes, and neighborhood watch.
  • Making London an inclusive place to live by promoting diversity of religion, race, sexual orientation, and gender, and making London’s public spaces more friendly to diverse peoples.
  • Attracting the world’s business back to London once Britain leaves the European Union.
  • Keeping you connected with 4G and 5G on all tube platforms, and opening the underground 24/7.
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