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Scandals are a little extra flavour we add to PolUK. Essentially what happens is you submit a scandal(s) and for the most damaging scandal you will receive XP. Scandals are graded in terms of damage from 1 to 5, if you have a Lvl 1 scandal you get 1xp, if you have a Lvl 5 scandal you get 5xp, so far so simple but be warned, it isn't all cake, rainbows, and unicorn farts.

When you submit your scandal(s) you will be asked to pick two numbers. The first number is a number between 1 and 50. If this number is rolled then your scandal will be discovered by the Chief Whip. Now the Chief Whip can do whatever they want with your scandal, they might try and blackmail you, they might leak it to ruin you, or if they're a rule abiding Chief Whip he might report you to the party or the party leader. The second number is between 1 and 100. If this number is rolled then the scandal leaks to the press and they will have a field day. Minor scandals can expect to be in the papers, maybe a front page regionally. A major scandal can expect to be in the televised press and a national front page. If a Lvl 5 scandal breaks then you can expect multiple headlines, long running news coverage, and major scandal that could well end your career. So think carefully before you pick your scandal level and your numbers because we roll every week and if you're number's up then your goose is cooked.

Naturally, the A-Team has discretion to revise your number up or down based on the actual description of your scandal--and the more details we have, the more likely you'll be accepted for a higher scandal.

In addition to the above scandals can be unwittingly added to your character by virtue of your actions and biography. As mentioned elsewhere if your character dodged conscription that will be a scandal (and we will be checking bios to clear that fact up). However if you wish to engage in a little ahem unorthodox use of Government power you can expect to find that stuff also appearing on the admin scandal sheet (we pick the numbers, if it's bad you get multiple numbers). We will not allow you to return to the old rounds where Cabinet Ministers spied on each other using MI5 and 6, nor will we typically allow assassinations without good reason, but a bit of light corruption never hurt anyone... until the press find out ;)

You may submit your scandals using this Google Form here:

Happy hunting ladies, gents, and non-binary folk!
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