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Brandon Duckworth

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Name: Brandon Duckworth
Avatar: Matt Berry
Age: 45 (10/1/1970)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: White
Marital Status: Divorced
Sexual Orientation: Proudly Heterosexual
Party: Conservative
Political Outlook: Idiotic views, EU skepticism
Constituency: Chesham and Amersham
Year Elected: 2015

Contemporary Arts, Nottingham Trent University (Left school before getting his degree 1in 1990

Retail clerk, Stainsbury (April-May, 1990)
Dog Walker (May-July, 1990)
Multiple temp agency jobs (1990-1992)
A small role as a human table in an unnamed experimental film (1993)
Various dead end jobs interspersed with occasional theater work
"Guy Smiling After Drinking A Coca-Cola" - 1995 commercial
Unpaid performer, several dozen London-area improv comedy troupes
"Keith, the awkward window washer" - three appearances on Coronation Street

Most notable TV/film work: Portrayed "Hampton" in London Tube Time Traveller, a late night Channel Four comedy where a ragtag group of misfits found a mysterious stop on the Tube that enabled them to travel back to time where they had to right the wrongs of the past for a better future. The show was little watch and gained average reviews. Hampton's character was an overweight loverboy with a habit of singing the chorus of Reef's "Put Your Hands On" at inappropriate moments.

While on the show, a female coworker brought concerns about Duckworth's on-set behavior to the show's director. Specifically, she claimed he made suggestive remarks to her while being uncomfortable close to her. Brandon did not deny the incident and offered an apology to both his fellow castmate, the director, as well as the rest of the cast and crew. He then was required to meet with Channel Four's HR department where an executive in the company announced he would be terminated from the show. It was announced later that day that "London Tube Time Traveller" would not be renewed -- likely due to its poor ratings and medium reviews, but Duckworth's saga perhaps also played a role.

Afterwards, Duckworth took his story to various right-wing outlets and talk shows, ranting and railing about PC culture leading to his downfall and the show's cancellation. His animated style of talking quickly won him notice, especially by right-wing social media users who crowned him a cause celebre. Brandon quickly capitalized on this, playing up his far right-wing beliefs. However, this raised eyebrows from many people in his life who stated he had never talked about politics previously and, if he did, expressed liberal sensibilities, with some calling him a right-wing grifter.

Duckworth continued to cast himself in the media as a right-wing populist with a "common sense, real world" approach to the world. That, along with his trolling and outsized presence on social media, furthered his popularity.

While most dismissed it as a stunt, Brandon pushed himself as a potential MP candidate for the wealthy and moderate Chesham-Amersham constituency. The Conservative Party had in mind another candidate with David Cameron's sensibilities. But Brandon's social media campaign (or "bullying" as many would call it) eventually forced his rival to step down from the race, allowing him to become a MP in 2015.

His shrewdness continued upon his entrance into MP. His well-known presence allowed him to come in with some popularity, and his outsized social media usage and outrageous claims earned him the support of MPs upset about Cameron's push to the middle. Remarks made to his constiutents also went viral, where many complained about his views towards immigration, which now gave him the biggest spotlight he ever had. Again thought of by many as a stunt, Duckworth initially pushed himself as a possible candidate for party leadership and as a potential PM. But internal discussions showed that his support was larger than many thought. However, he instead backed Patricia Carmichael. In addition, he also made dubious claims of a "globalist agenda" against him as well as death threats made against him.

But while a lightning rod for controversy, and someone who always looks for the television camera, Brandon has also quietly mentioned that he wants to prove himself to his constituents as someone who can meet their concerns. Some close to him believe this to be yet another example of his shrewdness, believing that strong local support will ease the worries of his moderate constituents and could allow him to market himself as a serious personality.

Political Career:
Member of Parliament for Chesham-Amersham (2015)

None who talk to him anymore
Tabitha Kinsey, MP, Oxford West and Abingdon
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