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Spencer Dayton

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Name: Spencer Dayton
Avatar: Oil Painting on Discord
Age: 41
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Scottish/ English Mix
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Party: Labour
Political Outlook: Democratic Socialist who fights for A Strong Economic Foundation, strong Education and Health services, more powers for devolved governments and a defender of our allies across the globe

Constituency: Workington
Year Elected: 2005

Education: LLB- University of Edinburgh, MSc Human Rights & Policy- LSE, DPhil in Socio-Legal Studies- Christ Church, University of Oxford

Career: Prosecutor in HM Service in Scotland, moved to the UN Commission on Human Rights before elections to serve as investigator and advisor.

Political Career: Never elected before becoming an MP, has been a Labour member since living in Workington since becoming a Barrister after University.

Born in Scotland to a Union member English father and stay at home Scottish Mother; determination was never lacking. Going to University and the Graduate school ultimately obtaining a DPhil and becoming a Prosecutor in Edinburgh. After several years as a Prosecutor Dr. Dayton applied for and was accepted as an Investigator and Advisor for the UN Commission on Human Rights. During the interim he moved to Workington where hi family had retired and became a barrister. Shortly after moving to Workington the UN gave him the job. He spent 10 years in this capacity before returning to Workington and running for MP. He ran for MP to help his friends and family in the constituency and to fight for a better and stronger Union. He is sympathetic to the SNP as well, as he was born and raised in Scotland.
MP for Workington (2005- Present)
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