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Robin Reaves

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Name: Robin James “Jim” Reaves
Avatar: Bob Rae
Age: 60
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: White
Marital Status: Widowed
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

Party: Conservative
Political Outlook: Center Right, Moderately Eurosceptic.
Constituency: Orpington
Year Elected: 2005

Education: University of London, University College
Food and Beverage business

Political Career:
Member of Parliament for Orpington (2005-)
Director of Policy & Strategy, Conservative Election Campaign (December 2015)
Home Secretary (December 2015)
Shadow Foreign Secretary (December 2015-)


Robin James “Jim” Reaves was born April 7, 1955 at the British Military Hospital in Rinteln, West Germany. His father, James Reaves, was a sergeant major in the British Army stationed in West Germany at the time. Following military service, the Reaves family moved to London in 1957 and James Reaves went into the restaurant business.

From a young age Robin assisted with his family’s restaurant and in 1973 he received a scholarship to attend University of London, University College to study business. When Robin’s father became seriously ill in 1979, he took over the family restaurant and expanded the business to include an additional location. Over the next decade, the business continued its success and opened seven additional locations as well as two pubs. In 1990, he created a food and beverage investment company with two friends which began investing in franchise opportunities with major chains. The company successfully operated dozens of locations and employed several hundred people.

In 2000, he was successfully recruited into politics and was elected Member of the London Assembly for Bexley and Bromley. He later stood successfully for the Orpington constituency in 2005. Robin considers himself part of the “broad middle bit” of the Conservative Party. He is generally somewhat socially liberal, economically Conservative, and moderately Eurosceptic.

Robin’s wife Emily died of cancer in 2008. He has two sons, Bob and Andrew. Bob is a television producer and Andrew is a journalist. Robin’s leisure interests include football, travel, reading and boxing. He is a noted fan of sweets, and many of his colleagues regardless of party seek him out on the House floor for them while avoiding the eye of the Speaker. He is among the lowest expenses claimers in Parliament.
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