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Dominic Mayer

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Dominic Reginald Mayer is a British Conservative Party politician and the Member of Parliament for Romford.

Mayer is descended from a bastard branch of Austro-Hungarian nobility; his grandfather was a senior adjutant in the armed forces of Austria-Hungary during the First World War, and his father, came to Britain from Vienna in 1938 aged six following the Anschluss - the family having been vociferously opposed to the Nazis as part of the Roman Catholic aristocracy still loyal to the Habsburgs. Mayer himself was born in 1970 to Peter and Jean Mayer - the former a manager at John Lewis and the latter a clothes buyer. He grew up in Sutton and attended Wilson’s School, a grammar school in Wallington. He went on to read international relations at the University of Oxford, followed by a second bachelor’s degree in history. At the age of 24, he enlisted as an officer cadet in the Royal Navy and served for six years, departing the armed forces with the rank of Lieutenant aged 30 In 2000.

Mayer went on to work for a fledgling cyber security and cryptography firm, N-igma, based in Cambridge. By 2002 he had become a project manager, and met and married Annabelle Luxton - ten years his junior - with whom he celebrated the birth of the first of five children in 2003. In 2005 he stood on behalf of the Conservative Party for the London constituency of Romford and was elected to the House of Commons at the age of 35.

David Cameron appointed Mayer to a shadow ministerial post opposite the Ministry of Defence in 2007. In 2010 he became Minister for the Armed Forces, and in 2014 replaced Phillip Hammond as Secretary of State for Defence. Mayer became incoming Prime Minister Sir James Manning’s Chief of Staff in May 2015, serving until September; after a brief stint as Minister for Europe, he stood back from frontline politics following the sinking of HMS Dauntless in November of that year.
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