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Kayla Gray
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Labour MP
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Kayla Gray

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Name: Kayla Gray
Avatar: Caroline Konstnar
Age: 21 (10th January 1995)
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: White
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Party: Labour
Political Outlook: Hard left progressives
Constituency: Holborn & St Pancras
Year Elected: 2015 (December)

Education: Attending University College London, studying History
Political Career: MP for Holborn & St Pancras (2015-)

Kayla Gray was born on January 10th 1995 in Islington, London. She is the oldest of three children, with her two brothers being aged fifteen and fourteen. Kayla’s family has lived in Islington all her life, with her mother being a nurse and her father a police officer. Kayla’s family were financially comfortable enough to get by but were by no means wealthy. Aged 8, she attended the anti-Iraq invasion march in London on February 15th 2003, being carried on her father's shoulders.

Kayla attended a local comprehensive school in Islington. In school, she took a strong interest in the humanities subjects from a young age, as well as enjoying English classes. At GCSE her highest grades were in History, French, Geography and English. At A-Level she chose to study Politics, Economics and History, achieving an AAB in her final examinations with the B coming in economics. She subsequently went on to study history at university which she still attends now.

Whilst Kayla’s first political experience was the STWC march in 2003, she first became actively politically engaged in her early teen years, joining the Labour Party in 2011. Subsequently, she became a very active member of the Islington North CLP, where her views were formed to that of a more left-wing persuasion within the party. As well as being involved in campaign events and social activities in the community, Kayla also does charity work in her local community, namely volunteering at her nearest foodbank. Kayla also worked in a local theatre whilst studying at university on minimum wage.

Kayla supported Harriet Steel and Lewis Arnold for the leadership and deputy leadership respectively in 2015, claiming on Twitter that Labour needs a “radical, progressive, socialist path to power to revolutionise Britain in favour of the working people, not the rich elites”.

In the second 2015 election, Kayla decided to stand to become the Labour candidate for Holborn & St Pancras, neighbouring her home constituency, following the resignation of Sir Keir Starmer as MP only a few months after he was first elected. Due to her good relationships within local communities, she was nominated to be the Labour Party candidate.

Kayla won the seat with a majority of over 13,000. After being elected in December 2015, Kayla became the ‘Baby of the House’ as the youngest MP, being aged just 20 at the time of her election.

In her free time she enjoys reading with her favourite book being ‘Notes from Underground’ by Fydor Dostoevsky and watching football, supporting Arsenal, however with now being an MP alongside studying in her final year at University, she does not have much free time.

When elected to parliament, Kayla said “Over the last, well, almost 6 years now, our country has become increasingly unequal with grotesque levels of poverty plaguing Britain whilst the Conservatives have given tax handouts to their friends with the help of their Lib Dem enablers, but what tonights results show is that people are sick of austerity, of mass poverty and growing inequality, with cuts to our public services. People want investment, want hope. Labour must now deliver on our radically different vision for Britain, to bring our big ideas into government and to create a society for the many, not just the privileged few.” Kayla also pledged to fight for a real strategy on tackling addiction, “addiction is something very close to my own heart, with my uncle being one who suffers from alcoholism, and it brings great stress to our family as a result. It is integral that we no longer treat addiction as anything other than a public health issue, and never a criminal justice one.”
Kayla Gray MP
Labour Member of Parliament for Holborn & St Pancras (2015-)
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