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Ali Khan
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Liberal MP
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Ali Khan

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Name: Ali Khan
Avatar: Nikesh Patel
Age: 39, DOB 5/8/1976
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: British Pakistani
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.

Party: Liberal Democrat
Political Outlook: SDP wing of the Liberal Democrats
Constituency: Bradford East
Year Elected: 2015

University of Leeds (1997)

Insurance broker (1998-2015)

Political Career:
Bradford Metropolitan District Council (2005-2015)
Elected Member, Federal Executive (2012-2015)
Member of Parliament for Bradford East (December 2015-)

Ali Khan was born in Bradford, the third of five children to a middle class British Pakistani family. His father operated a specialty food market and his mother was a teacher’s assistant. Ali spent many years assisting with his father’s market but had little interest in it. He attended the University of Leeds on scholarship and graduated with a degree in business. He became an insurance broker, supporting small business owners with insurance needs.

Ali was not political until 2003, when he joined the Liberal Democrats due to his opposition to the Iraq War. He stood for and was elected to the Bradford Metropolitan District Council in 2005. He initially supported the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition government in 2010, but over time became critical of what he viewed as unnecessary concessions to the Conservatives. In 2012 he was elected to the Federal Executive. In 2015 he contested the Bradford East parliamentary constituency at the December 2015 election and successfully retook the seat for the Liberal Democrats.

He is married to Nusrat, a charity worker and the couple have two children.
Ali Khan MP
Member of Parliament for Bradford East (2015-)
Deputy Prime Minister
Leader of the Liberal Democrats
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