Dr. David Lloyd Webster

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Dr. David Lloyd Webster

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Name: David Lloyd Webster
Gender: Male (0 Points)
Sexuality: Straight, married with < 3 children: 0 Points
Age: 32 b. 1969
Age When First Elected: Under 35: 20 Points (27)
Constituency: Aberavon
Avatar: Senior Senator of the State of Georgia: Jon Ossoff
Party: Labour
Faction: Brownite
Religion: Jewish 5 points
Education: Attended a State School: An English language medium school in Cardiff. 0 points
Bachelor’s Degree: Ba. Economics from Oxford: 5 Points (1987-1990)
Master’s Degree: Masters in Economics: Cambridge 10 Points (1990-1991)
Doctorate Degree: PhD in Economics from Cambridge 15 Points (1991-1993)
Family History: Middle Class.
Career History: Professor in Economics (Entry level + Mid level) 25 Points at Cardiff University from 1993-1997, Has a Published work about the affects of respected financial institutions on International Trade 10 points
MP for Aberavon since 1997. 2 points
Front Bench Experience:
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales (1997-2001) 5 points
Gave a widely publicized speech on Devolution. 3 points

100/100 Points

David Lloyd Webster was born to George and Mari Webster, George worked as a teacher in Cardiff at a Welsh median school. David had a happy childhood. David has two brothers and a sister that he grew up alongside, and no one in his family talks about his uncle, Devon. He went to an English median school in Cardiff, though his father did teach him how to speak Welsh. David was a good student and was accepted into Oxford University where he studied economics. After graduating from Oxford, David went to Cambridge to continue his studies eventually earning a Ph.D. in Economics. While at Cambridge, he volunteered to help with the Labour 1992 campaign.

After receiving his Ph.D, David returned to Wales to teach at Cardiff University, starting as a Junior professor, he taught entry level Macro-Economics for his first two years, before teaching a class on International Trade and finance. He would host a few language class tutoring sessions for students learning welsh in his spare time. While teaching at University, he would attend Labour party meetings. While teaching at Cardiff University, David met his wife Alys, they married in 1995, and have 2 children, Heledd (4) and Emyr (2)

In 1997, David stood for selection as a candidate for the Labour party. He won election for the seat of Aberavon in Cardiff. David would serve as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Wales, and gave a speech about the need for Devolution in Wales. He would campaign as part of the Pro-devolution campaign. He would win reelection in 2001. He was a supporter of Dr. Mary MacAndrews during the Labour Leadership election.
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Re: Dr. David Lloyd Webster

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