Iris Appelle (Con-Romsey)

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Iris Appelle (Con-Romsey)

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Biographical Details
Name: Iris Appelle
Gender: Female: 15 Points
Sexuality: Straight, married with < 3 children: 0 Points
Age When First Elected: 35 to 45: 10 Points
Constituency: Romsey
Avatar: Jacinda Ardern

Party: Conservative
Faction: Which inner-party group do you belong to? Tory Reform Group

Religion: Jewish: 5 Points
Education: Attended a State School: 0 Points
University: Bachelor’s Degree(Oxford PPE): 5 Points
Family History: Upper Class: 0 Points

Career Information
Print Journalist Entry Level: 5 Points
High-Level Regular Panelist on a TV Show: 45 Points
Mid-Level Party Staffer: 10 Points

Parliamentary and Political Experience

MP Election: 2 points (2001 first election)

Iris Appell born in Southampton to a wealthy developer and his art school teacher wife. She grew up in London as her family moved there but kept a summer estate near Southampton and she kept ties to the region. As she grew up, her father acquired a couple of local newspapers which in future will become her first place of employment. After graduating from a state school with her mother’s insistence. She went to Oxford to get a PPE degree during which she had internships at her father’s papers and in the BBC thanks to her father's connections. After that, she started to work as a reporter in a local London paper owned by her father. During which she helped to uncover local corruption stories and managed to get a quote from the local council leader that was rather embarrassing. Afterwards, she has switched to work for BBC, where she managed to rise up rather fast with her connections and work ethic, getting scoops to access to Conservative politicians due to her own connections from Oxford Conservative Club. She ended up rising to become a national face on television with her own TV show, her show was mostly interviewing guests and moderating debates between guests. She has also become a regular panellist on several TV shows as she provided comment on inner workings of the Tory Party. After the 1997 loss, she chose to resign from her media posts and went into politics as a mid-level communications staffer with an understanding of a promise of a parliamentary seat. She helped her party to rebuild and played a role in Tories victory in 1999 against Blair and afterwards announced as the PPC for Romsey, during which she has continued her communications role in the Party with a promise of resigning after the 2001 election, which attracted some controversy. She has explained that she wants to rebuild the Tory Party and she has to be at two jobs at the same time, being the PPC for Romsey and helping Tories win nationwide. Had she been a complete stranger to the constituency, it has been commented that it would have caused problems but her father has been known to donate to local Tory associations around Southampton and their estate in South London, so the family has had rather cordial relations to the local association in Romsey. In 2000, a tragic fire almost ended Iris’s parliamentary dreams as MP for Romsey died in a fire and she was swiftly nominated for the by-election, which she lost with an 8.6 per cent swing. Her candidacy for the 2001 election was in doubt as this was no longer a safe seat but a seat that needed to be captured from Liberal Democrats and put Romsey directly on the target list. Leadership in London that has offered the seat to her was sceptical and did not want a loser there as the PPC and started to pressure her to withdraw as PPC and pressuring the local association itself but this time around Iris has deepened her ties to her local association and the local association blamed the national party for ignoring the by-election especially after basically planting the candidate there. So she has kept as the PPC but her ties to the party leadership have been severed with her contract is understood to be not to be renewed by the Hague leadership. The overnight turn from a CCHQ backed candidate to basically left to her own devices raised doubts about Iris’s ability to gain the seat but with a strong local campaign and national rise in the polls carried Iris over the line and that night she has become the only Tory who has defeated a Liberal Democrat incumbent. This victory not only gained her independence from the leadership but also earned the respect of her local association. In the leadership election post-Hague, she has hesitantly backed Croft but known to pressure Baker to run. She was on record saying that if Cosette wins, we will lose the country forever. She has vigorously opposed voluntary repatriation and supports a referendum on Euro. As for the vote of no confidence on Croft, it is an open secret that she voted to have no confidence in William Croft.
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Re: Iris Appelle (Con-Romsey)

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Approved. As discussed, Ege is being allowed to keep the XP gained by CBB and avoid the 7 day wait period in exchange for signing in a more frontbench-worthy character.
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