Roy Danfes (Conservative, Broxbourne)

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Roy Danfes (Conservative, Broxbourne)

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Name: William “Roy” Danfes
Avatar: Jeb Hensarling
Date of Birth/Age: May 3rd, 1947 (54)
Place of Birth: Washington, D.C. (Father British born, Mother American born, father was a diplomat for the U.K. in the 1940s, explaining Danfes’ birth in the U.S.)
Place of Residence: Cheshunt & London
Constituency: Broxbourne
Political Party: Conservative (1981-), Apolitical/Independent (1968-1980)
Faction: Monday Club
Education: Public School (7 points)
Collegiate education: Graduated with Master’s (5 points) from the University of Pennsylvania, attended the Wharton School (graduate studies), and attended Columbia Law School.
Family History: Upper Class (10 points, family was millionaires due to father Laurence working as Energy Executive after resigning as a diplomat.)

Professional History:
Operational Assistant, Sanford Energy (New York Office): 1976-1980
Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Sanford Energy (London Office): 1980-1984
Executive Vice President, Sanford Energy (London Office): 1985-1989
Chief of Staff of Legal Affairs, Sanford Energy (London Office): 1990-1993
Conservative candidate, 1994 Bradford South By-Election (Lost): 1994
Member of Parliament for Broxbourne: 1997-

Male: (0 Points):
Family: Straight, married with 3 children (0 points)
Age when elected: 45-70 (0 points):

Biography: To come soon.
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Re: Roy Danfes (Conservative, Broxbourne)

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Welcome! I'll wait for you to post the rest of your biography before I assign any XP to you.
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