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Charles Trenython

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Name: Charles Callum Trenython
Age: 56 (born 3rd August 1945)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White British
Sexuality: Heterosexual, married with 2 children
Religion: Atheist [5]
Elected: 1997 [0]
Party: Labour
Faction: Blarite
Education: State School [0] left at 16 [10]

Career [25]:
- 1964, Royal Anglian Regiment 3rd Battalion (Second Lieutenant)
- 1967, Royal Anglian Regiment 3rd Battalion (Lieutenant)
- 1970, Royal Anglian Regiment 3d Battalion (Captain)
- 1979, 3 Commando Brigade
- 1983, ‘D’ Squadron, 22 Special Air Service
Retirement from the military in 1995 after 31 years of service.

Parliamentary Career:
- Member of Parliament for Burton (1997-present)
- Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Veteran Affairs (2000-present) [1]

Charles Callum Trenython was born to John and Angela ‘Angie’ Trenython (nee Yard) on 3rd August 1945 in Nottingham. His father, a World War II veteran with the Royal Navy with battle honours on HMS Hood pre-1941, was now working as a Police Officer in the Nottinghamshire Constabulary.

Charles didn’t excel in education in early life; none of his parents were to go beyond a traditional education and himself attended a state school which he left at 16 to join the Army. Finding himself in the Royal Anglian Regiment in its formation in the September of 1964, he re-located to Bury St Edmunds to join the 3rd Battalion, eventually reaching the rank of Captain in 1970, leaving the registrant in 1979 to join 3 Commando Brigade. During the time with the Anglian Regiment, Charles spent time in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, completing 4 tours as part of Operation Banner along side the RUC and was present during the events of Bloody Sunday. Charles eventually found himself serving in the Special Air Service Delta Squadron, after spending some time with the 3 Commando Brigade. In the commandos, he commanded a brigade of soldiers in the initial invasion of the Falklands in 1982, a conflict he remains sceptical off to this day.

After retiring from the military in early 1995 after 31 years of service, Charles put his name forward for the 1997 election in the constituency of Burton, 40 minutes away from his home town of Burton. The election was a success defeating the incumbent Ivan Lawrence (who had been the MP since 1979) by a slim majority which remains in the consistency. He remains a relative new addition to Parliament, serving as an Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Defence after serving on the Defence Select Committee since arriving in parliament. Charles associates with the Blarite wing of the party, although remains a self-proclaimed moderate even within this faction. Ideologically, he varies with the Blarite ideology somewhat believing that the Armed Forces have a larger role than at present to play on the international stage in keeping peace and prosperity at home. Socially, Charles strongly identifies with the Blarite faction.

Charles met his wife Sarah whilst serving in Northern Ireland. She was a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary until transferring to West Mercia Police and latterly Staffordshire Police, now serving as a minority off female’s at the rank of Detective Superintendent. She followed him around until settling in Hereford during his time serving in the 22 Special Air Service, eventually moving too Burton for his new Parliamentary Career. They have two children, George and Louise.

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Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (2000-present)
Secretary of State for Defence (2000-present)
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