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Barclay A.A. Stanley
You shall refer to me as "my lord"
You shall refer to me as "my lord"
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December 2001 (Change from October 2001)

LAB: 40.91% (-0.23%) | 370 Seats (+4)
CON: 28.28% (-0.80%) | 162 Seats (-10)
LIB: 26.43% (+1.11%) | 89 Seats (+7)

Leader Polls:

"Which of the three leaders is the most capable?"

Mary MacAndrews, Labour: 51%
William Croft, Conservative: 18%
Rebecca Flair, Liberal Democrat: 20%
Don't Know/None: 11%

"Which of these do you trust the most?"

Mary MacAndrews, Labour: 47%
William Croft, Conservative: 22%
Rebecca Flair, Liberal Democrat: 16%
Don't Know/None: 15%

"Which of these is the most likeable?"

Mary MacAndrews, Labour: 21%
William Croft, Conservative: 37%
Rebecca Flair, Liberal Democrat: 25%
Don't Know/None: 17%

"Of these three leaders, which makes the best Prime Minister?"

Mary MacAndrews, Labour: 60%
William Croft, Conservative: 13%
Rebecca Flair, Liberal Democrat: 20%
Don't Know: 7%
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