How-To: Speeches

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You shall refer to me as "my lord"
You shall refer to me as "my lord"
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How-To: Speeches

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These are for a more considered and developed response to an issue. They are likely to receive press attention and so have a greater risk and reward factor. Journalists aren’t always particularly patient or understanding and definitely don’t like having their time wasted. They can held in National Party HQ or any of the following locations within your constituency without A-Team approval: local party branch meeting, church hall, school, hospital, local chamber of commerce or branch meeting of a trade union. Schools and hospitals are unlikely to be suitable for overly partisan speeches. Any other location will need A-Team approval and speeches to national organisations will only be given out sparingly.

Additionally there will be a round of invitations for prominent party members to speak at national events throughout the year.

A speech should always be in full prose from your character, and in general we do not appreciate speeches which go beyond 1,500 words (if you can enrapture us though, be our guest). Journalists are too impatient to listen through that much of a politician's hot air!
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