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Won't shut up about his PhD
Won't shut up about his PhD
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Re: General Announcements

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I have implemented a few new spambot countermeasures:

1) Registered users without a party usergroup are now unable to post URLs. If they do, the post will be denied. This should stymy those pesky spambots with their topics full of links. Images are unaffected.

2) In the OOC forums (the only forums a registered user without a party usergroup can post), users without a party usergroup will have to take the Captcha they took when registering in order to post. They also can't send PMs or contact an admin without completing the Captcha.

Hopefully, this will rid us of the last bots that slip through the registration captcha. Unfortunately, the extensions had to be implemented in the permissions setup, so I might have missed some things. If you are affected by any of these changes but shouldn't be, please contact me.
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