Corinne Lloyd (Labour - Llanelli)

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Corinne Lloyd (Labour - Llanelli)

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Corinne and her hubby visiting Cornelia St in New York after Taylor Swift released Lover. He brought his guitar to serenade her on the street. Since he put the guitar case on the sidewalk people confused him for a street artist and he bought them coffee with money people given.

Name: Corinne Lloyd
Avatar: Erna Solberg
Age: 55
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Franco-Welsh
Marital Status: married with children

Party: Labour
Primary Tribe: Blue Labour
Secondary Tribes: Open Labour
Brexit Position: Leave, member of Leave Means Leave
Constituency: Llanelli
Year Elected: 2005

Education: High school graduate
Career: Union mid level leadership, secretarial duties in a local company, councillor, MP
Political Career: union activist, councillor, MP
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Re: Corinne Lloyd (Labour - Llanelli)

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