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Astrid Goldman, Lady Goldman
Labour MP
Labour MP
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Astrid Goldman, Lady Goldman

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Personal Information
Name: Astrid Margaret Goldman, Lady Goldman
Gender: Female
Age: 66
Religion: Jewish

Straight, Divorced, two children
Ludovico Ardovini, b. 1976
Isabella Ardovini-Goldman, b.1978
Antonio Ardovini - m.1975, div. 1980
Sir James Goldman, m. 1985. Died 2014.

State educated
B.Ed University of Leeds
Teacher training, University of Leeds

1974-1981: Teacher
1981-2001: Headteacher
2001 - 2006 - Headteacher at one of the first City Academies
2006 - 2009 -LEA Advisor on school improvement
2009 - 2017 - Ofsted Inspector

Political History:
Constituency: Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, elected 2017
Party: Labour
Primary Tribe: Tribune
Secondary Tribe: Progress, Open Labour

Astrid Margaret Goldman, née Thomas, was born to a middle class family in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. She grew up moving around the Yorkshire countryside as her solicitor father moved for work. Astrid was educated at state schools and had a particular passion for mathematics. After completing Sixth Form, attaining a HND in Mathematics, she attended Leeds University where she studied to become a teacher.

While at University, Astrid met future husband Antonio Ardovini. Ardovini, a vintner from Italy, was considerably older and became infatuated by the younger, bright Astrid. The pair married shortly after Astrid began teaching and children quickly followed. However, the marriage was short-lived and after a series of rows, the couple divorced in 1980. The fall-out was calamitous and after several years of legal battles, Astrid walked away with a considerable sum, shares in the family vineyards and a large collection of luxury produce.

At work, Astrid was flying and after several years focusing her efforts working with disadvantaged communities, Astrid landed her first headship. A hard-worker, Astrid was astounded by the sometimes underachievement of her male counterparts. Her frustrations led to her reputation as a Head as someone who could quickly get to grips with a school and turn their fortunes around. For twenty years, Astrid followed this pattern; taking a school in dire-straights, correcting their course, making fast improvements and moving on.

During this time, she met her second husband Sir James Goldman. The pair married in 1985 and while the marriage allowed her to use the style ‘Lady Goldman’ she opted not to in her working life.

The Local Education Authority approached Astrid in 2000 following work on the Education and Skill Act. She was selected to take up an opportunity as Headteacher of one of the Government's new "City Academies", among the first of their type.

Later, she worked as an advisor on school improvement for the local authority before joining Ofsted as an inspector.

A lifetime member of the Labour Party in the Old Right tradition, a fierce believer in the power of the teaching unions, Astrid was swayed by the politics of the 1980s and the failure of the left to make electoral ground and moved rightward in her thinking. The politics of John Smith and Tony Blair appealed to her gut for improvement and she campaigned with the local party.

Working as an Ofsted inspector during the first formative years of the Coalition Government, and having experience of the Academies programme, Astrid found herself often at odds with members of her party. She supports academisation of schools, the 2014 curriculum and proposals to craft a new Ofsted framework.

She was elected to replace Yvette Cooper as MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford in 2017.
Astrid Goldman, Lady Goldman | Labour and Cooperative
Member of Parliament for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford
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