Rules: Division Lobbies

"Division! Clear the lobby!"
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Rules: Division Lobbies

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Division Lobbies

Division is where the House decides on a particular question, be it a motion or a bill. After debate on a bill or motion has concluded, the Speaker will pose the question by means of a new thread being posted in this forum containing the text of the bill or motion. After that, there will be a period of 72 hours during which you can cast your vote by replying to the thread in question.

You can vote either Aye (in favour) or Noe (against; nay is not really acceptable). You can also abstain: in the UK Parliament, this is done by being absent from the division altogether or going through both lobbies at once. If you wish to register as deliberately absent instead of just being too lazy to post your vote, then post “Absent”. If you wish to register an abstention by going through both lobbies, please do this in one post so as not to confuse the teller AV and post "Abstain" or even "Aye, Noe". If you post the wrong vote, that’s tough luck: you can’t change your vote afterwards.
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