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Liberal Democrats Frontbench

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2020 2:56 am
by Sir James McCrimmon
Frontbench of the Liberal Democrats

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Trevorrow

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Shadow Foreign Secretary Sir Bryant Wolfe
Chair of the Parliamentary Party and Shadow Home Secretary Felix Corrington
Shadow Chancellor Matthew Taylor (NPC controlled by Charles Trevorrow)

President of the Liberal Democrats: Baron Dholakia of Waltham Brooks

Shadow Communities Secretary Richard Allan (NPC controlled by Sir Bryant Wolfe)
Shadow Minister for Cornwall Andrew George (NPC controlled by Felix Corrington)
Shadow Culture Secretary Nick Harvey (NPC controlled by Wolfe)
Shadow Defence Secretary Alan Beith (NPC controlled by Trevorrow)
Shadow Education Secretary Phil Willis (NPC controlled by Trevorrow)
Shadow Environment Secretary Evan Harris (NPC controlled by Corrington)
Shadow Health Secretary Peter Brand (NPC controlled by Trevorrow)
Shadow International Development Secretary Tom Brake (NPC controlled by Trevorrow)
Shadow Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary John Burnett (NPC controlled by Corrington)
Shadow Minister for London Ed Davey (NPC controlled by Wolfe)
Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Menzies Campbell (NPC controlled by Corrington)
Shadow Scotland Secretary Malcolm Bruce (NPC controlled by Trevorrow)
Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Trade Secretary Vince Cable (NPC controlled by Corrington)
Shadow Transport Secretary Don Foster (NPC controlled by Wolfe)
Shadow Wales Secretary Lembit Öpik (NPC controlled by Trevorrow)
Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Steve Webb (NPC controlled by Wolfe)

Chief Whip in the Commons Andrew Stunell (NPC controlled by Wolfe)
Shadow Leader of the Commons Paul Tyler (NPC controlled by Corrington)
Chief Whip in the Lords Baron Roper of Thorney Island (NPC controlled by Trevorrow)
Shadow Leader of the Lords Baroness Williams of Crosby (NPC controlled by Trevorrow)