2015 Labour Leadership Election Events

Elections for Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.
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Will Black
Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury
Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury
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Re: 2015 Labour Leadership Election Events

Post by Will Black »

Leadership Canvass - Speaking in Brecon about societal inequality.

Will Black heads to Brecon for one the final stops of the campaign. He canvasses with Welsh voters, and then speaks to a group of supporters about rising inequality in Britain.

I started this campaign in my constituency, Poplar and Limehouse, by highlighting the major economic inequality faced by many of my constituents. After speaking to many of you today, it's become clear that the situation here in Wales is no different. Austerity has made our country more unequal, and has made the poor even poorer while rewarding the wealthy few. The movement we are working to build, the People's Government I seek to lead, will dismantle austerity and the inequality it has caused in all its forms. Let me share with you how we're going to do it.

One major contributing factor of inequality in this country is our broken welfare system and social safety net. When the Tories came to power, they promised us that their new Universal Credit system would make welfare work better for the people who rely upon it. Of course, like so many other things they told us, that was a lie. Five years later we've been left with a situation where 40% of claimants are forced to rely on food banks, many struggle to pay their bills, and more and more people on Universal Credit are reporting that they're suicidal. Universal Credit epitomizes the Tory's desire to demonize the poor and blame them for their struggle. That ends now. I respectfully reject the portion of our manifesto that says we support the "intent' behind Universal Credit, because frankly I don't. As Prime Minister I'll seek to abolish it and replace with a multi-billion pound package of reforms that uplift claimants and support them as they look for work. And I'll end the vile "rape-clause" that requires women prove their third child was a product of rape before receiving additional financial support. We will have a proper social safety that does what it's supposed to: keep vulnerable people safe.

Another sign of rising inequality is the rapidly increasing rate of homelessness in the United Kingdom. Now I know some in the media like to paint me as a raving lefty, but let me be clear: as radical as I may be, I don't believe that the state should be seizing private property to solve a problem of its own making. Let me be equally clear, homelessness is a scourge on our society and the People's Government that I lead will have a laser-focused commitment to eradicating rough sleeping by the end of this Parliament. It is a sad reflection on the state of modern Britain that one of the wealthiest economies in the world can find enough money to bail out the banks, but it can't cough up the funding to build safe, modern, affordable housing for all. It just isn't right.

As a movement we must be dedicated to ending economic, societal, class and gender inequality if we are serious about creating a more just society. If we make the right choice in this campaign, five years from now we can look back at this moment and be proud of the fact that it was our movement that did the work to create a more equal Britain.
Will Black MP

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James Valentine
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Labour MP
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Re: 2015 Labour Leadership Election Events

Post by James Valentine »

Valentine Canvass - Protecting Small Business

James Valentine went canvassing in North London, and spoke to an assembled crowd in Enfield, talking about Labour's policy towards small businesses.

There is not a town or city in this country that has not been built on the success of the small business. From the cornershop, greengrocer and butchers, to the small and innovative start up businesses which continue to spring from the minds of ordinary people every day, our country would not be as strong as they are without them. I believe Labour has a duty to be an aspirational party: a party that not only protects the rights of those who own small businesses, but also one that lifts them up and amplifies their voices and is dedicated to their success.

The manifesto that this government was elected on has set out clearly what our intentions are and what our priorities will be for small business: and they are the bold and dynamic proposals we need for this present moment. After the dire years of the coalition, with harsh and cutting austerity and a double-dip recession, small businesses are in need of relief. We will provide that relief with our first Budget, where we will slash business rates and then freeze them, to allow businesses the breathing space they need to grow and become successful. Unlike the Conservatives, who even now continue to advocate for cutting Corporation Tax on the largest firms in the country, we'll make sure that those who can pay more do, and those who are growing will have the financial means to continue to do so. It's not multimillionaires who need relief, especially after five years of it under the Conservatives: it's hard working small business owners who need it the most.

In the manifesto, we also promised to set up two new state institutions dedicated to advancing the cause of small businesses, up to the very heart of government. The first of these will be a Small Business Administration, which will act as a hub for small businesses across the country, and provide them with representation at the heart of our government. We'll make government procurement contracts easily available for bids from small companies, and will specially design the regulations for this to be easily compliant with smaller firms. And the second, and perhaps most exciting, is the British Investment Bank. This new national bank will have one clear goal in mind: to help businesses. It will provide small businesses with easy access to the finance they need in order to grow, and that many have been denied for too long by our nation's deeply flawed banking system. This bank will have branches open in every region of the UK so that everyone, from the Scottish Highlands to the valleys of Wales, from Belfast to Brent will be able to have relatively easy access to it. It is one thing to make this help available: but it must also be easily available for it to be successful.

Following his canvas, Valentine posed for "selfies" with his assembled supporters
The Rt. Hon. James T. Valentine MP
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Lenny Wood
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Labour MP
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Re: 2015 Labour Leadership Election Events

Post by Lenny Wood »

Lenny Wood canvassed Labour members in Newcastle about Will Black’s unique movement background in relation to advancing the cause of social and economic justice as Prime Minister.

The truth is that this election has provided a once in a generation chance to not only put an end to the cruel, mean-spirited, and monstrous cuts that have been imposed upon our communities and public services since 2010, but to finally put an end to the rotten neoliberal consensus of privatization, of misery for the many and splendor for the few, of an interventionist foreign policy that offers nothing but chaos and despair in its wake. This leadership election is an opportunity for five years of radical action to shift wealth and power into the hands of the people who create the wealth, to empower our communities, and build a better world. We cannot afford to squander it.

It’s one thing to hit the right notes when it’s convenient to do so, it’s another to have been fighting for justice even with the full weight of the political establishment and chattering class against you. The first time I met Will Black was at a Stop the War event in 2002. While the so-called “brightest” minds of Britain were lining up to support Bush and Blair’s imperial crusade which killed hundreds of thousands of people and destabilized the entire region, Will Black had the courage to help organize a movement that mobilized millions in opposition, a movement of ordinary people who kept the pressure against the war as our movement's foresight turned out to be correct and the predictions of the war-mongering establishment proved to be absurd.

I then had the privilege of standing alongside Will Black in Parliament as he recognized the repugnance of austerity from the get-go and organized working people to fight for working communities, even while many on the opposition frontbenches offered at best tepid criticism of Osbourne’s decision to suffocate working people with vicious cut after cut. What distinguishes Will from the rest of the field is that his instincts are with the movement for economic and social justice because he comes from the movement for economic and social justice.

Ending austerity can’t happen through arm-wrangling in the stuffy rooms of Westminster. Taking rail, mail, and energy back into public ownership where it belongs and organizing it for the manys’ benefit won’t be forged through chumming it up with financial executives who pad their pockets with bonuses while our communities are left to rot. Fighting for a foreign policy built on solidarity with the oppressed and exploited can’t be accomplished by those who scoffed at the anti-war movement as they voted to back Bush’s villainous adventure in Iraq. We can only achieve a better world from below – that’s what the socialist tradition has taught us and what reality has reflected. Will Black is a child of that movement for a just society and with your support for Leader he can rally a bottom up movement to build an equal and fair world out of the horror and misery that the ruling class has imposed upon us.
Lenny Wood MP for Bishop Auckland (1992-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group
"And N is for Nationalisation, without it we'd crumble and fall."
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Re: 2015 Labour Leadership Election Events

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