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Quote:Name: Roger Thomas Catherwood
Date of birth/age: 29 January 1945 (Age 45 in 1990)
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Avatar: Lee Kernaghan
Discord username: SuicideBySuicideGirl

Education: BSc, accounting and mathematics
Career: Accountant/financial planner/business partner

Party: Conservative
Constituency: Carshalton and Wallington
Faction: No Turning Back
Parliamentary Career: Backbencher thus far

Roger Thomas Catherwood was born in Mexico City, where his father, a Foreign Office employee, was posted to the British embassy. The senior Catherwood retired from the Foreign Office shortly after Roger’s eighth birthday, by which point the young child had already lived in Mexico, Argentina, and Spain. Upon the family’s return to the UK, Roger grew up primarily in his parents’ hometown of Dumfries. He attended the University of Glasgow, where he received a bachelor’s in accounting and mathematics. Prior to attending university, Roger enlisted in the Officers’ Training Corps, committing to four years of Army service upon graduation. In 1969, he was among the first waves of soldiers sent to Northern Ireland as part of Operation Banner. He was honorably discharged a year later.

Six months after his discharge, Roger went to London, where he met up with a fellow Glasgow alumnus and decided to settle. The two men, along with a third partner, founded Cardinal Financial Services, an accounting and financial planning firm. In the firm’s office, Roger was noted for insisting on an ‘informal’ dress policy, often appearing at work wearing jeans and an Akubra brand hat (which he would remove at clients’ request).

In 1973, Roger married nurse Stella Parks, with whom he settled in her native Carshalton, South London.

Roger became active in Conservative Party functions in university; in South London, he endeared himself to power players in the local Tory establishment by portraying himself as a populist everyman at parties and fundraisers. His quirk at functions – as they had been in the office – involved appearing in jeans and an Akubra. In 1982, he was elected to the Sutton Borough Council, serving for four years; a family tragedy led him to make the decision not to stand for re-election in 1986. However, the following year, after meeting with Tory leaders in the constituency, Roger returned to politics in the 1987 General Election, where he was elected MP for Carshalton and Wallington.

Roger and Stella Catherwood reside in Carshalton with their two daughters, Stella (b. 1976) and Libby (b. 1979). They own two dogs. Roger’s main passions include hiking, visiting the seaside with his family, and playing bass guitar in his band.
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