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Born on 1 January 1939, David Anthony Lynton Charles Blair is a British Conservative Party politician and the Member of Parliament for Wantage.

David is the eldest son of Sir Anthony Blair, a prominent Foreign Office diplomat who served as British Ambassador to the United States. David was born in New York and spent his early years in the United States, before attending Eton College followed by the University of Cambridge, where he read Law. His younger brother, George, has a career in American politics and is the Governor of New Hampshire.

David served as a criminal barrister after being called to the bar, gaining a reputation as a fierce and effective prosecutor - though he never achieved the same prominence working in defence. He was active in the Conservative Party throughout, serving as a councillor and at one point as a speechwriter for Ted Heath.

David was elected to Parliament in 1983 as the Member of Parliament for the newly created constituency of Wantage. In 1985 he was made a junior minister at the Foreign Office, and in 1989 became Minister for Europe. David was instrumental in persuading Margaret Thatcher to put Britain into the ERM; an ardent pro-European, David has previously called for a “kind of confederation of Europe,” and reportedly considered leaving British politics at one stage to pursue a career in the European Commission.

David is married with three children and is a member of the Church of England.
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