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Full Version: Ward Speech at Holborn Labour Party for Preston
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Thank you! Thank you ladies and gentlemen for having me tonight. 

In the last one hundred years we have been birthed as a working class party. We formed governments, we’ve created the National Health Service giving millions healthcare free at the point of use. We fought for miners, for men and women that work hard to put bread on the table and keep a roof over their heads. And for over a decade we’ve held a run away government in check. We have a history in this party that we can be proud of. 

But we cannot be the party that glories in our past and being blind to the future. To make such a costly error is deadly. We are a generation and a nation set on the edge of modernising world. As the world changes so too must we adapt. The future is not one for the pessimistic view that tells us that we must choose between supporting workers and supporting business. The future is for the mighty, the conquerors who know that partnership and cooperation leads to growth for all of us. The better world that is possible is one where public and private aren’t enemies, but co-labourers to a just and fair society. We must not be led by dogma, but guided by a vision where we empower people to achieve. That means continuing education opportunities for lifelong learners. That means addressing poverty with support and opportunity. The Tories tell us that people must learn to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. But we live in a country where children live in poverty, go to crumbling schools, and are taken care of by an NHS that has been handcuffed with red tape. That isn’t economic fairness and one cannot pull themselves up when they have no bootstraps to tug on. Fairness does not magically appear when we shake the aspiration tree. We must build it together. That means investment in housing, education, and infrastructure. That means cutting out the red tape and ending the internal market of the NHS. But foster fairness does not compete against aspiration and innovation. Rather it fosters it. With fairness comes the ability for people to succeed. You cannot build a house without a proper foundation, hammer, and nails. We must be the party that lays the foundation for the future and instills in the next generation the desire to build. 

We are not abandoning our past, filled with bold vision and action. Rather we are adapting and continuing with that bold vision. Bold vision from courageous visionaries. Ruan Preston is that visionary for our time. 

I was proud to nominate him, because I know the vision he sees for our party and our country. I know the work ethic he has to not just hold this government to account, but to lead this country toward a fairer, better future. The goals he has laid out are not one of fear and dreary nights, but if a new day for all of us. We must adapt. We must grow, we must take our message of hope and promise to the country. Ruan Preston is the man that will lead us there. So I urge each of you to join me in supporting him. Join me in rallying around a great leader, toward a promise of a Britain strong and just.