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Full Version: Webster speaking to Labour members in Britstol
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Scott Webster giving a Speech in support of Ruan Preston to members of the Labour Party in Bristol

The Coalition agreement between the Tories and Liberal Democrats is an attack on Unions, the NHS, the system of Public schools. It is an attack on hard working Britons. They want to make it harder for people to move up in the world. They want to make sure not everyone has the ability to have access to a strong union. They want to weaken unions so that the Tories business friends can work you harder and pay you less. They want to change the rules for how a strike can be called so that you have less of a way to fight back against wage decreases, and cutting of benefits. They will make it easier for you to be fired and replaced if you don’t take the pay cut. If your union is weak then businesses can cut your paid time off. Ruan Preston is committed to maintaining strong unions, and has clearly stated that he intends to keep strong unions. 

The Tories and the Liberal Democrats are taking aim not only at Unions but they want to expand the Internal Market for the NHS. They want to push costs of the NHS up by introducing more bureaucracy and red tape, in order to justify privatizing all or parts of the NHS. Even after just a few years of the Internal market, studies are showing that administrative costs are increasing and cannot point to examples that show a benefit of the internal market. They want to support a system within the NHS that outside sources cannot provide a clear estimate of its benefit. They are deliberately adding this program and supporting it to undermine the public trust in the NHS. We must get rid of the internal market, we must restore faith in the NHS. We must undo the damages that the Tories and Liberal Democrats are causing on the NHS.

The final major attack is the one that the Liberal Democrats are most proud of, their changes to education. The Liberal Democrats have done nothing but talk up the pupil premium since making their deal with the Tories. Their commitment there is loud and clear, the Liberal Democrats and the Tories remain committed to putting Private Schools first. They want to help take the smartest and most capable students out of public schools and send them to private schools. But not only are they just taking the better kids out of private schools, they are giving the private schools money for accepting these students. Money which could be spent paying teachers more to attract more quality teachers, or to make sure that each classroom has the supplies it needs to teach students. After a few years of this, they are going to argue that public education has declined in this country and is a clear example of why the private schools are superior and are going to cut education funding. 

A Labour party led by Ruan Preston would continue to have a strong support for public education. With a commitment to increasing the standards of public education. A commitment to increase funding. Education remains the highest determinant of success in life, and Ruan believes that everyone should have equal access to world class education. Instead of hoarding it in the hands of the wealthy. A Labour party led by Ruan Preston will fight this government on education until Labour is back in government and then the party will focus on improving education standards and quality. For all of our students instead of those few the Tories and the Liberal Democrats determine who are worthy. We need to focus on getting class sizes down and having world class teachers, who earn a wage equal to what they deserve instead of pretending that sending a couple hundred kids to private school is the greatest success any government has ever had. We also need to expand access to education to include those not just currently in school but to allow workers to continue to improve themselves. Ruan Preston has proposed a Lifelong Learning Fund that would allow workers the ability to continue to improve themselves with new skills and training that they would not have had the ability to prepare for while in school. In the future a new skill could become important to a field and this program will allow all workers to keep up with changing times.

This is not just an election for the Leader of the Labour party, this is an election for the leader of our movement. We need to look forward and onto a new message for the twenty-first century, a message that shows the people who rely on us that we still care but moves us past the blunders that have resulted in electoral defeat. If this government lasts for five years we have to be ready to repair the damages that the Tories and Liberal Democrats will do to our public services and to our unions. We have to have a leader that is both ready to fight to prevent as much damage as possible but also one ready to lead us into a general election and win. I believe that leader is Ruan Preston. I believe that he is a man of integrity and that means that the promises that he gives now, he will keep when he leads the Labour party into Government.