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Aubyn Myserscough, the Prime Minister, gave a short statement on the steps of Number 10 Downing Street.*

Ladies and gentleman,

Yesterday, Her Majesty invited me to form a government and I accepted. I have just completed the formation of a new Cabinet, bringing together a diverse range of opinions and approaches within the Conservative Party.  

My Cabinet comes together at an extremely difficult and fraught time for the United Kingdom. Riots here at home, armed conflict abroad, and serious allegations of criminal activity against members of the previous administration.

There can be no doubt that we are in a worse position now than we were just a few months ago. We have failed to sufficiently grapple with the challenges facing our economy, we let new threats to our society emerge including a breakdown of trust in politicians, and we potentially struck a blow against our international standing – and relationships with other nations. And rather than tackling this, members of this Government were more focused on leaking and backbiting than serving our nation.

On behalf of the Conservative Party and this new Cabinet, I want to apologise. I am sorry for the role we have played in the emerging crisis facing our nation. We cannot forget our failure has deep and broad implications for so many of our families, businesses, and communities across the country. I have taken a number of decisions over the past few days as part of recognising the changes that need to be made.

But let me make it clear right now: the events of the past few weeks end right now. This is a fresh start. I have taken a number of decisions over the past few days to recognise the scale of the changes that need to be made. The events of the past few weeks may mean that you do not trust me or my new Government. I understand that, and I get it. But I am committed to spending the next few years rebuilding your trust in us; I will work every day to rebuild trust in the government and the political system. In 1987, the nation elected a Parliament with a majority composed of Conservative MPs. You gave us a job to do: make the changes for five years. I intend to deliver on what you tasked us to do.

My premiership is not a return to the government of the 1980s, or the chaos of the late 1970s. In the 1990s, with a few short years to go until the 21st Century, we cannot look backwards. We need a fresh start to prepare for the new century. Let me briefly set out what that means:

An economy where everyone who wants to make a living can get a job or set up a small business.

A society that prioritises families, helps them get on and puts their interests first.

An education system that is world-beating from the early years to university, giving every child the chance to succeed and opportunity to thrive.

A community health approach, with our fantastic NHS at its heart, that lifts up the health and well-being of all its citizens.

A strong and tough approach to law and order, with justice for the victims at its heart, so that every community feels safe. 

A government that is open and transparent, ready to do the right thing and committed to the public, not personal, interest. 

With sensible investment, smart government, and the commitment of the British public, we can deliver a country fit for the next century. 

I also want to pay tribute to our Armed Forces who are currently fighting on behalf of freedom and the international rule of law. I am proud of the role we are playing in standing up against armed aggression and human rights abuses. We must never forget the deep debt, obligation, and thanks we owe them for their service. As Prime Minister, I will never forget it.

I have been given enormous responsibility to steer our nation through some tough times and prepare us for a radically different century. I hope I serve this nation well, and are able to rebuild the sacred trust you place in Government. A fresh start begins now.

Thank you.

*Permission from Nathan (Her Maj)
Quite similar to the Bow Group speech in theme and content, but to a broader audience. There is much more scepticism of your calls for a Fresh Start in the country though - where actions are going to have to speak louder than words.